BOOKREVIEW#67 Sweet Hell on Fire by Sara Lunsford

As we grow in time, we are expected to realize ourselves, our potentials, our resilience and our graciousness for all the things that life would throw our way. Surely, there are instances when the realizations or discoveries we make would disappoint us; however, the other end of the rainbow holds the instances where we surprise ourselves. Where we become, what we didn't really plan to become, but nonetheless be thankful for once the last note fades in time. Today, let me share with you a memoir I have read recently. 

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I was a bad mother,
a bad daughter,
a bad wife, a bad friend.
Boozed out and tired,
with no dreams
and no future.
But I was a good officer.
Sara Lunsford helped cage the worst of the worst, from serial killers to sex criminals. At the end of every day, when she walked out the prison gate, she had to try to shed the horrors she witnessed. But the darkness invaded every part of her life, no matter how much she tried to immerse herself in a liquor bottle. She couldn't hide from the things that hurt her, the things that made her bleed, the things that still rise up in the dark and choke her.
With a magnetic, raw voice that you won't soon forget, Sweet Hell on Fire grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. It's a hardscrabble climb from rock bottom to the new ground of a woman who understands the meaning of sacrifice, the joy of redemption, and the quiet haven to be found in hope.
I read Sweet Hell on Fire at a time when my life itself was going through a version of sweet hell. That feeling when you sit still, stoic and maybe even out of sorts, and you just see everything flickering from the distance. Everything's on fire--turning to ash, all those little burning sounds, they mean the world to a troubled mind.

When I read Sweet Hell on Fire, I must admit I enjoyed immersing myself to a life that I can frankly consider as worse than mine. It's always nice to draw strength from other people's emergence. To read about the troubles other people faced, how they rose above their problematic situations with grace (or lack thereof), is comforting. When things are completely unwell, there's strength in knowing that some people got it worse than you do, but they crossed the line in one piece. Sometimes, life beats you up so bad but one must keep in mind that those occasions are not enough reasons to tear yourself apart.

Sweet Hell on Fire is a window to a world of chaos, faced by a woman who is embraced by shadows of her past, insecurities and personal woes. It's a story about how the world is out of our control--and how as consolation, we have full control of our life's cockpit.

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Thank you so much Nicole of Sourcebooks! I enjoyed your book recommendation and I look forward to reading more of your house's literary discoveries!