Turnback Tuesday#11 Late Bloomer

Hello everyone. Yes, I'm still alive. No need to worry. I went on a sudden blogging break because my body needed it. I ended up sick and overfatigued the past few days and figured, as much as I want to push for happiness in beauty for all of us, I should put my health as top priority.

What do I have to say... November is definitely closing in with a bang! Quite a loud bang actually. I am so excited for the many blessings I've been receiving and you have my word on this, I will continue to fight for the dreams I've long had (or kept frozen) because if there's anything 2012 has taught me, it is to owe it to myself to be happy.

So very quickly, let me share with you some snaps that made me previous days (my blogging break) quite a happy bubble. Of course, if you miss me, please don't hesitate to follow me on Twitter and Instagram as I'm always on there! My handle is @kumikomae

Below is the new Bayani Brew Purple Leaf Tea drink that I've been drinking at least once a day! I love how healthy and nutritious it is! It is a very natural tea-leaf mix that is made more unique because, yes, the color comes from a unique tea-leaf included in this concoction: sweet potato shoots! :) This drink helps regulate my bowel too so I'm very pleased to have this everyday!

Besides Bayani Brew, I also have been relying on the one-and only, Booster C! I am soooo amazed by this energy drink because it.is.darn.effective. It comes in a ready-to-drink "shot" bottle so you don't have to drink a whopping 200ml of sugar just to reawaken your senses during those hectic desperate times. It is a low calorie drink that is loaded with all the energy you need for those days that just demands the superhero in you. Booster C is the first energy-shot drink in the country and what I love the most about this energy-drink is the part where it is crash-free. I swear, I had two sleepless nights in a row when I first decided to try Booster C and tadah, it was as if I had all the snooze I could ever need! Booster C is available at leading Mercury Drug, 7Eleven and Mini Stop outlets. :)

Because of my usual "busy" days, I have been wearing smokey eyes from 8AM to the evening. Gone were my transform your day look to evening look moments. I just don't have the time! So the smokey eye arsenal starts the moment I clock in. Fortunately, the weather's been a world of forgiving so I get away with things. Oddly enough, it's only lately that I truly appreciate how smokey eyes look on me--and how I love my fluffy blending brush!

The best thing about my blogging "absence" is in the part where in my "rest", I rediscover so many wonderful things about myself, and the life that I am blessed enough to live. :)

SO MANY EXCITING THINGS COMING UP! But what I'm still, and most excited about, is our continuous growth. I love the part where in each day that passes by, we can become. 

PS. I have been "writing". Usually, I write on Twitter because it is the most accessible and convenient medium for my hands to chase the words that cross the space between my ears. Here's one I recently posted, and liked.

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Broke a sweat and a heart
Maybe even in that order
Shirts were stained
Temperature rose
One after the other