HEALTHY LIVING: Beauty advice for oily skin on the face and body

If you have got oily skin that is prone to outbreaks of spots, chances are you’ve been battling to keep your skin under control for many years. You may think that you have tried every product and technique under the sun, but when it comes to spot-prone skin there are several beauty factors that often go overlooked. Although I also have moments of hopelessness, one should never give up on tending for the skin because with the right beauty regimen, you skin will eventually glow and radiate.

Natural remedies for oily skin
People with oily skin often experience oiliness on many other parts of the body than the face, such as the back, which can also be prone to outbreaks of spots. Using a natural cleanser can help make the skin less oily and help clear the spots. Lemon is a natural cleanser, egg whites make the skin tighter and grapes help to soften the skin and make it suppler. Put all three of these naturally cleansing ingredients together and it will do oily skin the world of good. 

Simply mix the lemon, egg white and grapes, apply the paste to your problem areas, leave for approximately ten minutes and then wash off with warm water. The chances are that your skin will feel less oily, softer and more refreshed. 

Stay away from petroleum 
Some skin products contain petroleum, which can clog the pores and make the skin more susceptible to spots. Moreover, oily skincare products can also produce an unwanted shine on the area you have applied the lotion to. Petroleum-based lotions and creams for the face and body can worsen the problem of oily skin. Instead those with oily skin should use water-based or gel moisturizers that do not contain excessive amounts of oil or grease

Johnson’s Beauty UK products* are designed to cater for every skin type and have plenty of body, lotions, gels, moisturizers and toners that are specifically aimed at targeting oily skin and getting to the root of the problem. 

Use a light conditioner 
 If you have oily hair, the chances are that you are practically fighting every day to try and keep that grease under control. Oily hair can easily contribute to oily skin and using greasy hair products can leave an oily residue on your skin, which effectively worsens the situation. ‘Lighter’ hair products, such as conditioner, will adequately moisturize your hair without making it too heavy or greasy and without adversely affecting your skin.

How about you? Any tips for caring for oily skin?


  1. I do avoid oily food as much as I can! I know abstaining from it really helps combat oily skin. Although ang hiraaaaap. Masarap lahat ng oily! lol

  2. CLAY! Kaolin, French green clay, dead sea clay, or Moroccan red clay.... those absorb oil and sebum... Great for the back as well as face. Try to buy it at wholesale, it will last a really long time. You just mix it with a little water and layer it on, wait for it to dry then rinse it off. Or look for a face mask with those ingredients.

  3. Oh petroleum is everywhere..... it's horrible. Sodium lauryl sulfate, paraffin, mineral oil... terrible. Very few products don't contain it!


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