HAUL: Makeup Challenge#1

Hola amigas!

Last early September, I embarked on the trending Makeup Challenge as an excuse to make me buying one of the items with purpose. See, last August, I saw this Jazzy blush that I just reallyreallyreally liked. But I didn't buy it because I really shouldn't... then came this makeup challenge trend and I figured, I will buy the blush only if I would post this as a haul challenge post. Read after the jump to check out what items I bought.
So this is the blush that made this haul post happen. James Cooper is a local drugstore brand with loads of bright eyeshadow and really nice blush options. I feel like I would even go back to try more of their blushes--but this particular blush is what really caught my attention. It's very unique. It's more of a highlighter powder than a blush even--and yes, I'm still on quite a highlighting powder kick.

Incidentally, this is the most expensive item of my haul. This is roughly $10. Sorry, I know. Internationally, this challenge is a $20 challenge. Locally, some bloggers are doing a P500 challenge (approx $12); but with or without this blush I know I won't be able to convince myself to put together a makeup haul within a P500 budget. Sure, there are items out there that can make that challenge possible--but I really want my challenge haul to be of items that I would use in the future too--so it won't be a waste. So I compromised with a P1,000 challenge. 

Uhm so yes, the blush/highlighter already ate up almost half of my budget! Oh well, I reallyreallyreally wanted it! As you can see, it's a cream shimmer powder. Initially my reaction was, how is this a blusher? But I am forcing myself to believe Mr. James Cooper and refer to this baby as a blush--although I really am convinced it's just a highlighting powder (for the cheeks, maybe?)

Next most expensive item from my haul is this ELF Tinted Moisturizer. It's in the shade porcelain because the other variant was dark for me. This tinted moisturizer is an ELF product I've been eyeing on for a while ever since I've seen YouTubers finish their challenge with this. It's a very lightweight moisturizer and it has a very light hint of color to it but I have to be honest, the coverage isn't good. If you want something that's very subtle and clear, then this would be great. If you're like me, with a very bad blemish (dear Lord, please get rid of my scar), this moisturizer will not be enough. Contrary to what other people say, this tinted moisturizer is definitely NOT buildable but it's nice for its SPF20 and vitamin components. :)

Then the rest of the goodies. I got a lipstick and lipgloss duo from Ever Bilena. I got it because I figured it's a steal to get two products for just P225. But at the end of the day, I realized I made a mistake in getting this product. I guess I fell too hard for its "lighter"-esque appearance. It does look like a cigarette lighter!

By far I think this 4U2 Eyeshadow duo is the next best thing to the blush that I got. It's tiny but it has such a cute and youthful packaging. It's very compact and pigmented! I love that the champagne color that I wanted had a duo with a dark brown shadow. This pair is great for day to night makeup. I just love this so much!

Sadly, I got three items from Ever Bilena--because the sales associate said I will get a free lotion if I reached a certain amount! LOL Me and my freebie-suckerish gene. It's okay though because I do like Ever Bilena because they have quite a range of understated cosmetics. When I was in college, I couldn't live without my eyeshadow palette from EB. 

So I gave this eyebrow pencil a try. It's just P95. I also got this liquid eyeliner and mascara duo. After using, I found that the eyebrow pencil can also work as a lovely eyeliner--but since I already have my separate jet black liquid eyeliner to use, I opted to stick with the plan. All in all, I exceeded the P1,000 budget but in my defense, if you factor in the freebie lotion that I got... ah no. I shouldn't cheat. This is a failed Makeup Challenge, but at least I got my blush! :p

Here's the final look that I created with the items above. 

Tell me what you think!

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Good luck!


  1. NICE! :) Congratulations, you passed the challenge! :)


  2. Cmon, Kumiko, teach me how to put on eyeliner!!! I don't know how. :(


  3. Nice!You look Lovely.Everbilena eyeliner has been a staple in my personal makeup kit almost 2 decades now.I tried other brands but i always end up with Raccoon eyes.


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