Creative Ideas for Engagement

Today, let's talk about relationships. I think one of the most amazing thing about being part of this growing world of different tastes, is our intensified search (or wait) for that one other person with whom our complexities would fit in. I know a lot of people would say, women, we got our wedding days mapped out since we wore our first pair of heels--considering that's true, I think it would be interesting to talk about the idea of being engaged.
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Since engagement is an extremely special moment, many couples wonder what creative ways are available to make a proposal YES-worthy. In fact, it's not just about getting a "yes" out, it's a whole whirl of making-it-memorable business. If you ask me, nothing beats a proposal that is loaded with "inside knowledge" only you couple would understand (for example, if you have a code word for "yes", why not ask a question where your partner would end up using that code instead of the usual?)
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However, another option in making that engagement memorable is finding the perfect setting. If you want to have your gorgeous Palm beach wedding, then you have to be really creative in your proposal. Asking a person to be engaged or to be married to you is a highly important decision and this moment should be cherished forever. With that, below are some engagement and marriage proposal ideas for you to look through and choose the best for you.

Ideas for Proposing to your beloved

Give her roses! I think, majority of women love roses! Explains why roses still, and will always be, the first flower-to-beat when it comes to expressing affections through a bouquet. If women don't love roses, can you explain to me why there are so many beauty products that is rose-scented??? I love roses!

Make a romantic candlelit dinner, prepare a beautiful bouquet of roses and make a card with a question, 'Will you marry me?' Additionally, you can make a decorated box with an engagement ring. If you prefer to make a proposal not at home, then book a table at your favorite restaurant and arrange for some live music. Make sure you can give the bouquet along with romantic music playing in the background. Fall on your knees, in the classic way and slip the ring on her finger, and she won’t be able to refuse you. Classic, never disappoints.

Women also love being pleasantly surprised in engagement and marriage proposals, so hold on to that. To create the first impression, scatter beautiful rose petals from your gate to the doorstep. Decorate the apartment with flowers or just beautiful tiny things and aromatic candles. Prepare or order from a restaurant a home-made dinner. Blindfold and bring your partner home and then put a chocolate cake at the end of the dinner on the table with a small piece of paper in the middle saying 'Will you marry me?' As soon as your partner replies, play some music, ask her for a dance and put the ring on her finger. This particular one reminds me of a very nice scene from One Tree Hill. You know, it would be more epic if you play music using vinyl. This is one of the most romantic songs I know out there and it's a favorite and you're most welcome to use it for your proposal! 

If both of you, you and your partner like beach, take him/her to a secluded beach, take a tent there and have fun in the sun. Having previously prepared an exquisite antique bottle, bury it in the sand and ask your partner to look for it. Put a message with proposal words inside the bottle. When she finds the bottle, present the engagement ring! The scenery, the gorgeous waves and the romantic atmosphere will surely complete the beauty of the moment.

I know some of you would think, how cliche. Maybe, but to me, since we all see and experience "reality" first-hand--it doesn't hurt to do a little extra dreamy ever so often. If it's for the potential of sweeping someone off her feet; or for the chance to make someone's childhood dream of romance come true, I think it's all worth it to sign up for cliche.

Romance is exactly that thing what makes our lives more interesting. And when you begin on the right note, it's easier to sit and relax and let the music take you.


Good luck!

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