Back when I was in college, I challenged myself to watch 100 movies and read 50 books in a year. I finished quite strong as I went overboard the films I committed myself to watching; but I did fall a little short on the titles I said I will accomplish reading. I remember a number of the films I included among those "100" were viewed via YouTube. YT is such a handy dandy place for people who 1) can't easily access movies and 2) can't really access movies. The two reasons are different of course. The former simply embodies how YT offers convenience; while the latter delivers possibilities. I mean, if it weren't for YT, I would have never seen so much of those indie films that mold my mind.

Speaking of independent films, here's For Lovers Only. A lonely yet intriguing love story set in crisp black and white yet modern Paris.

Maybe it's the accent or the spirit that  resonates, but there's just something so magical and sexy about the French sound.

Have you been to Paris?


  1. I love Paris! I went about 10 times and always adore it!
    What about following each other? :)



  2. Wow I remember Multiply days where you'd post the movies you watched and books you read! How did you have so much time


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