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Oh so grateful to be selected as one of the 25 Style Bloggers across the web for this HP Campaign. If you're interested in learning more about how a passion for fashion can get you a step closer to a sleek and stylish HP laptop plus $10,000 cash prize, let me indulge you with my thoughts on Fashion and Technology.

Fashion and technology. Back in the days, I can imagine committing the common mistake of taking the two apart. Now, where almost every corner of the world is embraced by wireless technology (heck, you can even receive satellite TV reception on top of a mountain!), it's more than obvious that technology is an inevitable way of life. Unless you choose to live under a rock, technology is the air we breathe.

Consequently, if you breathe fashion, it just makes sense to never ever take the two apart. Here are a few of my notes on how Fashion took the techie world by storm--and vise versa.

Runway reports made real-time has been the trend ever since the bloggerverse gained a voice of its own. If before, speculators that couldn't make the tents have to wait for print and broadcast media to feature this season's latest trends fresh from the catwalk, now all they have to do is click that follow button and enjoy "personalized" dish on the fashion world's hippest happenings. Technology made fashion accessible to the many--without it (fashion) losing its famed glory. Can you imagine New York Fashion Week without your favorite bloggers? Exactly.

Technology also brought life to the mannequins and names of fashion. We have brands and personalities always updating their social pages for follower interaction, and to an extent, collaboration (think Jennifer Lopez T-Shirt online store where customers curate what will be These little new gates of communication opened the possibilities of sharing inspiration to the world. Fashion, as it is a worldwide enterprise is now made more global because each and every voice from every corner of the world may count. It's not just about the big cities nowadays. The world awaits the outburst of even the smallest stars as they grow and become supernovas.

In fact, technology helped fashion emerge out of its shell from the creation phase alone. Plates can now be sketched, shared, improved and realized virtually--and that major development makes the world of fashion more vibrant and encompassing than ever. With technology, more talents are discovered and honed to the fullest. With technology, the world of fashion is less limited and is felt as a reality all the more--for more people--across the world.

The truth is, with perseverance, passion and the willingness to learn, anyone can be a galaxy of style. If you only believe in yourself and trust in your capacity to express beauty, people the world will hear and listen to what you have to say. The world is a song and we all hold the melody and the lyrics that it awaits. If you open yourself up to sharing what you already have inside you, you can crack any dream wide open.

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Let me know your thoughts on this as I'd love to widen my perception on how fashion and technology now go hand in hand in making this beautiful world--more grand.

Don't forget to comment on your thoughts on the fashion-technology topic! :)


  1. Fashion and technology .... oooohhh I just watch a documentary on I think its called Bryant Park, about New York Fashion week, and they did a segment on how bloggers are now major players in marketing media. Several people commented that technology is creating a "now" demand. Customers want what they see online available to them instantaneously and they want more of it. It used to be that people would see things in magazines and have to wait a couple of month before they would be able to purchase it and its not that way anymore.

    There's also another documentary on Bill Cunningham, who is a fashion writer for NY times its about fashion and Cunningham's career and life (he's 80 years old). Really really good, I think it won 8 awards. Also on You can watch both for free this month.

    I like the Cunningham documentary better, well I enjoyed it more, but Bryant Park fits your topic.

    1. I'll look Bryant Park up. ubt anyways yes i think technology (esp www.) made the "now" demand happen. It gets a bit more challenging but I think if brands play it well, can make or break any campaign

    2. I couldn't think of the term earlier, but a better term would be "real time" demand. Oh I agree, it seems like if a brand is not online, they'll just simply get killed.

  2. Did you get a chance to catch either documentary? You know I made those comments while I was at work with limited internet and I could only see the first paragraph and your last question....I still was getting an error message. I thought it was my bad internet connection, then I looked at it at home same bad connection. 5-6 days later...same prob. I guess I'll surf on Google chrome for a while. You probably though my last comment was strange...? LOL...


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