SKINCARE: Jelly Face

One of the most eventful things that happened to me last Summer was this gift box from FemmexFataleSG. Among their lovely gifts was this very unique Peeling Jelly*. Now, if you're a fan of Japanese skincare sensation, Aqua Cure, then you would love this little darling.

So one lovely afternoon, this pretty box arrived at our doorstep. I really love how the accent turquoise ribbon brought the most youthful vibe to the rather ordinary box.

Inside was a surprise--a beauty loot worthy of exclamation points! First off, there was the FemmeXFatale Eyes with No Lines set that I featured on this post. Besides the eye care treatment, I also got a notebook, a pair of lashes and snowflake earrings (so cute by the way!) and a dress (which I don't have photographed!). Last but not the least, I also got the "jelly face"--a peeling jelly for the face.

As of writing, the FemmeXFatale website is under maintenance so I can't really double check on the ingredients of the product. Sadly, and among the things that disappointed me about the product is its lack of information (ingredients and product description) on the packaging. As you've seen on the first photo of this blog, it's in this modern plastic capsule but it's so zen, it has no other labelling on it besides FemmexFatale and a stamp that says peeling jelly.

Anywhoo, it arrived in a candy-wrapped packaging which I think was a dainty touch c/o FemmeXFatale team. There's nothing very special about its consistency as it is your typical clear gel format--but I do love how it doesn't have any overpowering fragrance nor does it sting my skin. Chemical peeling is a tricky procedure so anything do-it-at-home should be gentle enough for anyone to perform.

I use it by slathering the jelly product on my palm and then using my clean fingers, I dip and dab small a small amount to distribute evenly on my face. When I have my entire face covered, neck included, I let it sit a while and then proceed to rubbing the product off of my skin gently. It ended up creating debris similar to what you would scratch off your skin when your product is caking--and this debris pretty much lifts off dull skin cells to reveal the more radiant younger version of your skin.

I have been using this once a week and it is so fuss-free and delightful to use especially after so many days consistent makeup days. I find that exfoliation through peeling is more effective in removing makeup residue so I do peel ever so often.

What product/treatment do you use for your own skin peeling regimen?

PS. Sale alert. Remembering those lovely summer days is bittersweet if you think we're leaving summer behind to welcome a new season. Hm, the great thing about being in the Philippines is in the part where it's pretty much summer all year round. Well, technically we do have our God-awful super typhoons every now and then, but when the sun is up, it's almost always up in full glory.

Because of that, I want to share with you an ongoing eyewear promotion from one of my favorite eyewear brands (bags and shoes too), Ferragamo. I know right??? What a huge cut from the original price. Nothing beats luxury items that becomes a bit more affordable through limited time-offer promotions like this! :)

So pretty much I think that sums up a beautiful face? Don't you think so too? Clarified skin and beautiful frames... perfected sophistication


  1. Wow, I'd like to try this one too. You're lucky! ;)

    1. Hi Charry! I still have 3/4 of the product. If you want, I'll be happy to send it over. Just email me. You would have to shoulder shipping though. :)

  2. Wonderful blog dear :)

    Join Estée Lauder Giveaway :)

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment. Good luck on your giveaway! :D

  3. Lovely surprise inside that box! ♥
    Hope to try this one soon! ^^

  4. Wow!Its looking great and beautiful collection about skincare products.I have find similar beauty prducts which helpful for skin and beauty


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