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I don't really blog about food. Normally, when I'm served food, I prefer eating it! But before I share yummy photos of July, let me share a few notes of what we've been facing this part of the world.

If you've been hawk-eyed with the recent news about the Philippines, then you're well aware of the dire flooding and heavy downpour of rain that Manilenos and most of Luzon provinces had to face (some of which are still facing now). Last 2009, we faced the terrifying effects of global warming in the form of "Ondoy", a super typhoon. This year (this week rather), our country walked on water because of heavy monsoon rains (and some people would be sarcastic that it's not even a typhoon!) By the way, the monsoon rains was caused by the typhoon Haikui--which inspired me to write this haiku below.

Sky seeks valiance,
a minute of rage then silence,
awakens courage.

If you liked my haiku, please share me some encouragement through the comments and by liking the post here. Oh, because I was stuck indoors, and it was gloomy and dark outside, I whipped out my sunflower crown and took some vanity pictures. I promise, it was fun! Made more fun because I haven't spent much time with my little sister since she has school and I have work, so in a very selfish way, being stuck at home gave me some good memories.
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Speaking of encouragement, let me be honest with you that I've debated with myself whether I will post pictures of the floods our country suffered. By the way, the winner of that monologue argument is a resounding no. I figured, I truly want my LovingSunshine blog to be a place of happiness so instead of posting pictures of problems one of my dear blogger friends requested for some photos so I thought of sharing some below, Anyway, let me also share with you some pictures I got from the net that embodies one of the truly Filipino traits we're known for--resilience. Oh, and humor? :D

For you to get this joke, "Chuva" is a Filipino colloquial gay language  for "whatever" or "anything". Source
Because there were so many families that needed evacuation, rescue and relief support, some nationalistic ads sprouted here and there. My Facebook feed and Twitter dashboard was overwhelmed by the Filipino love of country and love of country men that I am witness and truly proud of!

But I guess the best news that is related to the whole rainy affair that I would like to share with you, my lovely readers, is this rainy wedding! Please read the article here too.

As requested, here are some pictures of the Heavy Habagat (heavy monsoon) days. Note, I don't own the photos below but since I only see them on my FB feed, can't really properly give credit.
I saw this on my FB feed and it was captioned quite eeriely. This is Manila. It looks like Gotham City or Mordor because the smog looks like smoke and the streetlights look like it's fire, burning. 
This was a popular one. It's a photo of French? or Australian Nationals having fun in the flood. I suppose they were hit by the Filipino fun and candor. :)  The caption within the photo follows out Department of Tourism's 2012 campaign, it's more fun in the Philippines
I just saw this now and I have yet checked if the Genesis chapter cited is correct,  but I figured it's nice to share this because during the heavy monsoon rains, there were a few political dissent going on, alongside the "civic pride". Some were allegedly comparing the heavy rains to the popular Noah's Ark story. With the controversial RH (Reproductive Health) Bill at its peak, there's no question why the correlation was lifted.
This is a photo of one of our National Parks. Yes, that's a park. It has a wave... yes. 
This is a road going to our city!
Anyway I shared all that because the food photo I'll be sharing is from Yabu: House of Katsu. Easilly, my favorite go-to restaurant right now. I even found myself in the restaurant two dinners in a row--and if you've dined in their lovely food abode, you know that's a feat because their serving's just sooo much! #notodiet!

Yabu donated 100% of their net sales yesterday to GK Bayanihan: Walang Iwanan operations, ahhhh round of applause! Truly, dining for a cause! How many restaurants do you know would do such a thing as swift response to a country that needs help?! I love you Yabu! For those who still wish to help, you can help online. You may read more about the relief operations here.

Okay, too much yada-yada, here are my Katsu pictures. Also added some other knick knacks from July! Enjoy and hope everybody's safe and sound. :)

Seriously, I'm already planning my next Yabu trip. They're the best!!!! For approx $10, you get all that love plus unlimited rice and veg! I always find it hard to walk right after dining at Yabu haha

Yabu is at SM Megamall.... and an SM Megamall trip is never complete without a J.Co stop. :)

I miss those strawberry mochis! :D How about you, what food do you miss?


  1. You should post pics of the flooding. It would be interesting and those of us far from you can share what you are experiencing. Sometimes you don't appreciate happiness if you haven't felt sadness.

  2. Those pics are incredible :O

  3. I miss Yabu! Can't to go have dinner there soon! :)

  4. Quite a number of people commented negatively on that photo of the newly-wed couple kissing in the rain. I don't get it. :| Are they jealous or something?


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