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One week of August went by like a breeze (although on the contrary, I'm not experiencing breeze lately. More on heavy monsoon rains, to be precise!) After all the heavy downpour, I hope we all remember that summer is in our hearts, like Christmas! :p Oh, don't forget to read my TBS featured post on Summer Skin Care right here.

When it's raining this hard, I always keep in mind to care for my hair. Bad hair days abound when it's outrageously windy outdoors! And my hair is legions away from being silky soft by default so some super hair care back up is very much appreciated. Here enters a few of my haircare favorites starting with Hortaleza Professional Hair Spa treatment. For a person who uses deep conditioning products on almost a daily basis (my hair's in need like that), affordable options always make it easier. Surely, you can't get more affordable that HBC! I'm having an HBC giveaway that's ending soon so join that!

HBC Philippines gave me this tub of Hair Spa few months back and it lasted me quite a long time since I was using this product in rotation with a few other more. They were kind enough to surprise me with this Hair Spa item because they know just how much I love caring for my hair (or perhaps they know how badly my hair needs all the caring? hihi). This one has a cooling effect so I tend to leave it a little longer on my locks; but whether or not I follow the 15 minute recommended soak or I extend, I always step out of the shower with healthy luscious hair after using the Hortaleza Professional Hair Spa.
I took this photo months back before I excitedly opened up my tub. Sorry if it's dark. I had zero photography knowledge then! :D
Have you tried a Hair Spa Treatment? Tell me all about it!

PS. Click on the images below to check out some hair care recommendations.


  1. I am a suki of HBC,lalo na sa hair dyes. Binabalik balikan ko tlga,hndi dinadry hair ko.I love their keratin hair treatment!Have you tried that?But yun yata ang madalang na laging may stocks. :)

    1. i think i've tried most of their hair treatments! :D

  2. If any body needs to know more about hair care products which can provide healthy hair then visit our website or just click LASIO Professional Hair Care

    1. appreciate the comment and lol hope next time no more free advertising!

  3. I've tried the Hortaleza hair treatment and it worked pretty good.:D

    - Marie

  4. Nice post as nice girl like you. Thank you for your hair recommendation and I like your site.
    I will be back for more wonderful sharings form you.

  5. cute
    Like your blog a lot, would be happy if we could follow each other :)


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