NAILS: Green Glitter Queen

I am happy to be free enough to flaunt my new bow rings (and my festive trippy green nails). Read more after the jump to know how I did my nails. :) Do comment if you think my bow rings are cute too! They're just approx $3 (Php 150) each! :)

The other day, I scratched an itch and took home this Milk Chocolate Body Wash from Etude House! I also snagged some lippies and drugstore polishes along the way. Among those polishes are Ever Bilena Color Craze bottles. I had no idea they have a nail polish line now! They were so affordable, just Php50 each (that's approx $1). Their polishes are also CRUELTY-FREE! :) Wow, so proud of Pinoy brands stepping up their game.

Here are the three Ever Bilena Color Craze polishes that I brought home
From L-R: Black Knight, Lagoon, Black Pearl

With that, let me share with you my current nails. It's a bit textured because the props are glitter shavings that aren't really made for nail art; BUT I love how catchy the effect ended up like. :) Here's a collage to summarize the NOTD. I'm using a new-found nail color love. It's Lagoon from Ever Bilena's Color Craze line.

First you would need glitter shavings. I just found some lying around the house. For tools, you can use a nail art fan brush or your makeup brush (mini-fan brush for the lashes). If you have neither, any brush that can help you sweep off the glitter would do. If you're insterested to know, my fan brush is from Born Pretty Store.

Apply one coat of Lagoon. Ah, yes, that's just one coat! So amazingly pigmented right? I'm very pleased.

Make sure your base coat is dry because you want to limit the glitter shavings at the bottom of your nail bed. Once sure, brush on some colorless polish or top coat near your cuticle line. Brush the polish halfway only. This would serve as your glitter glue. The glitter shavings would adhere to this layer of polish.

That's it! Your nails are now instantly festive! :) Apply two-three layers of top coat to seal in the shavings. :) Let me know what you think!

Oh, let me just share that all photos used on this post was taken using my iPhone 4s. Speaking, if you're like me, really dying to score amazing iPhone 4s cases, you might want to check out what Born Pretty Store also carries. Pretty kawaii iPhone cases can be hard to find... and I'm happy to see some on Born Pretty Store's website. They have a really nice selection of iPhone 4 cases. I'm lemming... Wants some. :( I really want THIS ONE. I think it'd match my new bow rings so perfectly!
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Think bright. Smile a lot. :)


  1. Interesting mani. I love pastel teals like Blue Lagoon. I have three of them, and when I see them in the store I want to buy more, even though I have some already... I am instantly drawn to them. The camera in the iphone 4 is really good. 8 MP and really fast too.

  2. I also had no idea Ever Bilena now carries a nail polish line. Glad to know. :D EazyFashion Shop also carries cute iPhone cases. Check out their collection! :)

  3. Kumiko I DO LOVE YOUR:

    bow rings,
    fan brush,
    and nail art it is so resourceful!

    Forgive my ignorance I thought the glitters really needed some specific glue to hold well... =D

  4. Saw the EB nail polishes kanina. Will try it nga soon :)

  5. Hi! Where did you get to buy the EB Nail Polishes? I saw it at the Landmark (Makati), but they only have two colors - black and white.


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