LIFE: Sunday Girl

When life gives you lemons, you get a break.
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I randomly got to attend a concert last night. It was lovely that it drizzled. Below is Sunday Girl by Bee Eyes. You won't regret listening to them play. You can visit their blog here.

Apologies that I took the video portrait style. I had a heavy bag and I was carrying three books and it was the most convenient manner available for me. The important thing is the song's quite good. You know how when you hear a new song and the first few seconds (5, 10, 30) pretty much dictates whether you would like the song? Like, if you can judge books by their cover, you can also judge songs by the first few seconds. Sunday Girl by Bee Eyes won me over after the first set of notes.

Proof: I didn't take a video from the beginning right? That's because I didn't think I would; but after feeling the first few notes, I'm like oh I like this song so I whipped my phone out and recorded Bee Eyes playing. Thank you N for inviting me. It was such a nice evening.
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Confess that you need me, so I'll be there. Even Sunday girl.

I don't really have pictures from the concert. Would have to wait for N to blog about the night.
Visit N's blog. Source

Think bright. Smile a lot. :)



  1. would love to hear them play live one day. i'm a new fan now! :) the way you captured the video doesn't matter. it's the music, man! :D

    1. Oh man you should they're quite lovely to listen to and watch.


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