REVIEW: Avon Simply Pretty Cream Shadow + Liner Duo

Who doesn't feel a slight sense of guilt and pleasure when taking in this line: "No regrets, just love"? I think anyone who made a bold move and risked something important in their life for something or someone they love can relate to that line of Katy Perry's song. So, while I wallow in sadness (hehe kidding, I think I'm feeling better now), let me share with you a product that I pretty much regret buying. Please keep on reading because this post is more than a make-up review. If you're feeling a bit down and weary right now, I have something empowering to share over this make-up experience!
Avon is not a brand one can always access when in need of retail therapy since it's not available in the malls as regularly as other brands. It's a direct-selling company (who doesn't know that???) and because of its business style, it can also lack the luxury of basic shopping: the process of checking shelves, testing products, etc--where sometimes we buyers find ourselves overindulging with! But, despite its unique selling approach, it remains to be one of the top contenders when it comes to cosmetics and even lingerie!

So I'm not very surprised to know an Avon lady ever so often. Last January-February (I can't exactly recall when), I got these two Simply Pretty Cream Eye Shadow + Eye Liner pencils. I found it cute and handy that it is cream eye shadow on one end and eye liner pencil on the other. It was also very cheap since it came from Avon's tween line, Simply Pretty. I figured, no point debating whether I should get the product or not. If I don't end up liking it (a result that apparently I was right to expect), I won't feel too bad because it's not such a big amount taken from my wallet.

When it arrived, I was initially disappointed because it was really tiny and the packaging was cute but flimsy.

The cream shadows also were quite disappointing because they weren't pigmented. Now I went through justifying, it's a tween's make up so don't expect a lot; but I realized, if all tween make up are bad, we might be killing potential artists out there. I personally started my make-up fixation or rather "fascination" during my formative years! I played a lot with my mom's vanity items, that's one. If my mom's make-up were awful then, I would perhaps not found myself intrigued by every color; but since Dior was amazing even years back, here I am, still exploring cosmetics.

Unfortunately, the purple and pink cream shadows for this range was nothing extra-ordinary. The what's to lose, it's affordable make-up excuse just felt empty when I tried the product.

Which made me realize how sometimes we settle. Settling is really bad. Settling is when we adjust our expectations so we don't feel disappointed. It's what I do when I watch a movie adaptation of a book. I would always tell myself, don't expect a lot so you can enjoy the film. Normally, it proves itself effective. I don't think I would enjoy any book-turned-to-movie if I went all demanding on the medium; and all the while I thought, since it's effective, since it (the practice) serves its purpose, it's alright; but it isn't.

On a theoretical level, adjusting my expectations so things "pass" is not just, to things and more importantly to myself. If I adjust my standards so more products or on a deeper level, people or situations qualify then it's not really fair to the test. Screening things will be pointless if all things considered, my judgments are adjustable. We should owe it to ourselves to keep our expectations solid. There's no such thing as good enough friend. We should strive for the best, not the best for a moment.

Giving everything our best is essential. There's no such thing as a good relationship given the circumstances. There's only a good relationship. . . Just as there's no such thing as a good product given the price, there's just a good product.

If I were my old me, I would say, the Simply Pretty cream shadows and liners are okay considering they're from the lower-end tween make-up line of Avon; but I'm not my old me. I should judge the product as if I were judging any other mid-end or high-end line. Did it deliver color? No. Did it last? No. Did it have any special feature? No. It was just affordable at face value; but because it didn't satisfy my make-up needs in any way, it was actually quite expensive. . . a waste.

So yes, I kinda regret buying these two; but since it made me realize my center, I'd give it love for that. What do you think about this make-up reflection?

Think bright. Smile a lot. :)

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  1. This post is enlightening. Made me think a lot. Thank you so much.

    1. thank you Aviva. I'm glad my post enlightened you in its simple ways.

  2. I love your reviews! More!!! :)

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