LIFE: Braided moments

The other night I targeted one book a day so that by the end of the week, I would've chowed down three books. I failed on that because I didn't read a book yesterday. Unless I finish two books tonight (slightly impossible) I would fail my goal of the week.

The good thing though is my reason for not reading a book last night. I braided my hair.

Dutch Crown Braid: like it here.

Braid with no name: like it here.

My hair has gotten longer and it's quite fun to braid around with it. I share a few braid posts on my Facebook page and today I want to be thankful that I learned three new braids last night. I only have two pictures to share though. I learned how to do a knot braid, a three braid bun thing (I don't know the name( and a Dutch Crown braid--one I've always wanted to learn to do! What do you think?

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Think bright. Smile a lot. :)


  1. Beautiful braid. Oh, I could chow down three books about now too. So need to read.
    Pretty colors. I think Revlon will come out with more colors if these are selling well. They look good on you.

  2. if i haven't mentioned it before: awesome!


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