GIVEAWAY: The Magic Book Giveaway

Today's my third day of reading The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. The Magic is much-like The Purpose Driven Life as it is a day by day "activity book" to help you relive, rediscover and welcome back The Magic of life. Fans of The Secret and the whole positive thinking, the Universe conspires philosophy would deeply find a thoroughly spiritual reawakening with The Magic. I've only been through three days of it but since I am coming from such a dark place (heartbreak), the brightness is greater.

As promised, I will be giving away a copy of The Magic to you, my lovely readers. For this giveaway, I hope to inspire you to be thankful at least once a day. In fact, I would be rewarding you for being thankful at least once a day through an entry point! Do share with me the gratitude and like I have been experiencing, I hope you too would realize the power of realizing how blessed we all are, despite and in spite of life's ups and downs.

The Magic has always been yours. Claim it.

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Think bright. Smile a lot. :)

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  1. I am a fan of The Secret, I have applied what I learned from the book in my life and because of that great things are happening to me. I havent read The Magic yet, hoping to snag this free copy, hope it will work wonders in my life too.:)

  2. I got more interested in the book when you mentioned that it's like The Purpose Driven Life. I love reading spiritual books especially the various versions of Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield and stories from Our Daily Bread.

    May you always find blessings in small things. And remember too that everything happens for a reason, be it good or bad. We may not know the reason behind but in God's own time, we will :0)

  3. i'm very thankful that God gave me another day to live. :)

  4. How can I get this 'The Secret' for free?

  5. Hi Dearie!

    Such an honor seeing your comment in my blog. I already joined this giveaway! hehe. Yeap, hope to be lucky again. Your blog is in my blog roll that's why I get to see your updates, particularly giveaways, promos and contests. I just love joining! Haha...

  6. Thank you for this great idea of The Magic Book Giveaway !

  7. Hi Dearie!

    Just droppin by to say have a blessed week ahead of you. And don't forget to enjoy life. Keep it stress free! :0)


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