FEATURE: Pure Moisturizing Rice Bran Face Wash

Before I talk about Wawaza's 100% Pure Moisturizing Rice Bran Face Wash, let me share with you a trivial post I found from Wawaza's Facebook page.

Last February 4, they posted this picture on their FB page and they asked their followers to guess how old the woman is. Astoundingly enough, no one guessed right! Would you have guessed she's 85 years old?
Her name is Kimiko! Kimiko-san was born in 1927. That makes her 85 years old! She lives in Hinokage, Japan. She is a business owner, active in the local business council, takes hula dancing lessons, practices singing and participates in cultural events. She is the matriarch of the family, whom everybody loves and respects. To read Kimiko-san's story go to https://wawaza.com/blogs/lady-of-enchanting-smiles/ :) My name is Kumiko! :) I hope to visit Japan!
When I found out about her age, I'm amazed. If there's one thing I hope to do in this lifetime, it is to age gracefully. People like Kimiko sure makes it easy to jump to the conclusion that Japanese knows graceful aging a lot--traditional ones at least. In a world where cosmetic surgeries and a world wide web form of alteration can be made to a person's very face, it can get difficult to imagine natural aging. But it is possible only if you would take the time and conscious effort to choose your options wisely.

For example, let me ask you, what do you use for your face? Me, I play around with color cosmetics almost on a daily basis so I take cleansing seriously. Although I do have nights when I deliberately neglect cleansing, on those nights, I experience trouble sleeping, which of course I associate to my full understanding that cleansing the skin especially before night cap is important to maintain its good tone and health. I use a lot of "chemicals" on me, regretfully, but I try to balance it out with days of 100% pure and natural goodness. Among many, I have tried Wawaza's 100% Pure Moisturizing Rice Bran Facial Wash and here are some pictures to tell my story.

The Moisturizing Rice Bran face wash from Wawaza is packaged in a well-sealed resealable foil packet. It comes with two "cloth" bags where you're to put the Rice Bran powder for washing the face. Being authentically Japanese, yes the instructions are in Japanese characters but don't worry because inside the box is an English translation of the product description and instructions for usage.

If you look inside the packet, you would see finely milled Rice Bran powder. It is pretty much unscented but those who have extremely sensitive senses would recognize a milky scent from the powder. Milky for the skin sounds good to me.

These are the two tiny washable bags that comes with your Rice Bran face wash.

All you have to do is take a few scoops of the Rice Bran powder and place it inside the bags. I would recommend around two to three teaspoons of Rice Bran powder for one bag.

Here's how one teaspoon of Rice Bran powder looks like when placed inside the white cloth bag, I can't really quite say but the bag is like a rather thick gauze pad so yes it has holes but the powder doesn't go through. :)

Of course, what you do is secure the bag with a knot (or a ribbon so it's prettier).

Then take out a tea cup-full of hot lukewarm but leaning to hot water. I won't say lukewarm because I want you to reach your tolerance with the water's temperature since I found out that the warmer (the water) was, the more relaxing it got for me.

Dip the bag filled with Rice Bran powder unto the warm water.

Pump the bag while submerged in the water. You can also squeeze it so the powder really gets mixed with the water until you end up with something like this. By now, you would smell an earthy fragrance of "cooking rice". :)

This would happen to your bag. So your water would be white while your bag will be thoroughly soaked and the powder in it would feel squishy.

Before proceeding, make sure you've removed all traces of dirt and make-up on your face because this face wash method is not much on the cleansing... but more on the moisturizing part. :)

Use the bag and wash your face with it, as if you're using an exfoliating sponge. :) Before anything else, make sure your face can tolerate the warmth of the bag cause our facial skin is more sensitive than the rest of the body. What our hands consider as an OK heat might be too much for our face. If nothing's wrong with the bag, using circular motions, wash your face with it. If it got too hot, mix tepid water to your Rice Bran solution and adjust. As the bag looses its moisture (since you're rubbing your face with it), re-soak the bag and repeat. This process feels so good, I think I kept on re-soaking my bag for a good five minutes until I restrained myself and stopped. :)

The warmth of the solution should open up your pores and make it easier to nourish the skin. I used an ice cube to close my pores afterwards. 

Before throwing out your Rice Bran solution, I would recommend you maximize and use it also on your hands, your knees, your neck, and elbows as these areas of the skin are in need of Rice Bran's potent skin nourishing benefits.

You can do this routine at least once a week. Don't forget to store your packet in the fridge (not the freezer though). Also, don't throw your bag because you can just wash it and use it the next time. :)

To know more about authentic Japanese products, visit Wawaza.com. They serve internationally and have offices both in Japan and in the US. Or visit their blog: at wawaza.com/blogs. Follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.

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Think bright. Smile a lot. :)

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  1. wow i can't believe she's 85! i hope i look that good when im that old :D
    that rice bran stuff looks soo interesting! i've never seen anything like it before :0


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