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Last April I was given the chance to try a new brand in the mineral make-up scene under the name Elite Minerals. It was an exciting opportunity for me because as you should know by now, I love mineral make-up. Mineral make-up is safer for the skin because it is lighter and is made with less chemicals, if not entirely free of it. I'm being careful to name mineral make-up as chemical free cosmetics because it really depends on the brand. Some mineral make-up brands are completely chemical free while some still carry a few chemicals here and there; but the general rule is, mineral make-up has less chemicals as it uses natural occurring minerals and oxides to achieve and create color.

Let me briefly grant you a sneak on the four products Elite Minerals provided me for review. I will be sharing a separate FOTD featuring these products because in the process of trying them out, I discovered that the blusher and the eyeshadow has a multi-functionality that I would like to explore with you further.

Clockwise from L-R: Mineral Blush in Heavenly, Mineral Eye shadow in Candy Girl, Mineral Eye Primer, Mineral Foundation in Light Beige

"Elite Mineral started with a dream. Providing pure, all natural, preservative free and 'one product for all skin types' dream has been our fundamental goal. Makeup should not be something that 'animals' will be sacrificed for. Makeup should come from nature just as a woman's beauty and it should come from the heart of nature, from minerals. It is our commitment and primary goal that no low - cheap quality materials imported from China will be used in any of our products. Unlike many brand names and high priced products, our products are modestly priced and a lot more durable and useful then regular cosmetic products. With 83% of return rate from our customers, we strongly stand behind our brand and products."

Quick thoughts on the products:

Mineral Foundation in Light Beige - Elite Minerals' mineral foundation is a finely milled powder foundation that leaves a creamy matte finish on the skin. It doesn't feel chalky and it offers medium to full coverage depending on your application. I dust it dry using a mineral powder brush and it was just wonderful. It felt light on the skin and it didn't feel scratchy. If you wish to achieve full coverage using their foundation, you can easily just use it with an ordinary make-up sponge so the build-up would be extensive. This is also great for touch-ups. Light Beige matched my skin tone to a tee.

Mineral Eye Shadow Primer - I really like Elite Minerals' Eyeshadow primer. As you would see in my swatch below, it is thoroughly blendable to the skin and it effectively brings out the color in your eye shadow. It has a creamy consistency that was easy to work with. I really don't like it when the primer is stubborn and sticky. What I don't like about this primer is it isn't really crease-free. Yes, it brings out vibrant colors in your eye shadow, and yes, it does make your eye shadow last all day long; but it isn't crease-free. You can easily resolve it's creasing effect by touching up or using your fingers to "blend out" the product and your eye shadow but I know that would be a problem for some of you so might as well share my observation.

Mineral Eye Shadow in Candy Girl - This is a very pretty pink eye shadow color. If you please, you may also use this as a blusher and you may also dab a little of it on your lips for a little sparkle. It's quite hip right now, that duo-chrome lip color trend and I find that Candy Girl works absolutely well in following the trend. Just dot a small amount in the middle of your lower lip, like you would with a lip gloss when you want to achieve a pouty look. If you're having a hard time imagining the trick, please come back for my tutorial on it which would be uploaded sooner than you think!

Mineral Blush in Heavenly - This is a great bronzer for me. It's light and it doesn't give off a heavily orange undertone against my skin. Like Candy Girl, this can also be used as an eye shadow, which is pretty much how I've been using it the past few days. I actually like it more as an eye shadow than a bronzer. Heavenly is a great over-all all-over face powder if you have pale skin too.

Swatches (from L-R): Light Beige Foundation, Heavenly, Candy Girl, Candy Girl on top of primer, primer (completely blended on the skin, but it's there, along the crease of my wrist).

I know my comments and the swatches above got you curious about Elite Minerals so I'll go back on preparing my one by one reviews for the product so we could all get to know Elite Minerals deeper. If you have any question or comments on the above items, do let me know by leaving a comment below so I may work on addressing them in the review.


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  1. I especially love the eyeshadow and the eye primer. It works really well for me and doesn't crease. I only lightly dab my finger on the product and that does it for me. Looking forward to your reviews :)

  2. Like you, I love mineral make up and how versatile it is!!!
    I can't wait to read your next posts about Elite products.
    Have a great first day of May!!!

  3. wow, amazing post! :)
    thanks for your comment :D


  4. i love products with minerals in it. :) great pigments, and love your review. :) great blog! new follower on google. i'd be honored if you connect with me, too! :) have a great day!


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