BOOKREVIEW#50 Why We Broke Up

Relationships are a mixture of romance, commitment and a sense of privilege. That's what I believe in. Romance, because there has to be a source of magic, connection and emotion between two people. Commitment, because each party should be willing to work through the tide and not just the pleasantries. Sense of privilege, because the relationship should be given value and importance for it to deserve a fight.

Without romance, it's just a partnership. Without commitment, it's an experiment. Without meaning, it's an abuse.

One of the hardest thing about break ups is answering the question why. In most occasions, the answers are twisted and gray; but the most difficult to swallow is the lack of it. Sometimes people break up over nothing; hence the question towards existential meaning, or whatever you wish to call it. When people break up for no reason, it's not hurtful because of the blow. It's hurtful because of the waste. Have you ever wondered how pizza felt when it is made without cheese? How could we say it didn't taste good?

I read Why We Broke Up earlier this year, after a failed break up. I am surely to blame because I tried to patch things up when perhaps what I should have done was to let the falling pieces fall as they please. If only I did that, then I wouldn't be going through another break up. In fact, how could I even call yesterday a break up when it was broken before it was even recognized to be so? Why We Broke Up is a reminder. We are responsible of the people we have tamed (The Little Prince). People who ignore that responsibility are monsters.

Relationships take hard work; but I believe that's what it shouldn't be, work. When we start believing that relationships are hard work, that's when we start thinking we can resign one day.

People break up sometimes because of the mess they make out of the tragedy of life. People break up because of the choices we make--sometimes the lack of it. When people break up, there's always going to be that deafening silence in the middle of the night telling you all sorts of dark things... and the biggest challenge is rising up to it as the better person. Why We Broke Up is the better person.

People break up because one way or the other, they give up on the romance, the commitment and/or the privilege. Often, the giving up part is what people fail to own up to until all that's left is a boxful of torn paper, dried flowers and plastic memories: made to last forever, but buried. Why We Broke Up is the casket.

Real relationships have no try, just do. It's about being willing and knowing it's worth it.

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  1. Hi K! Sorry it took a while for me to visit your blog. I couldn't find your url because clicking on your GFC name leads me to your Google+ profile. Anyway, this seems like a nice light read. Will add it to my list ;)

  2. hi! :D is this book still free?

  3. hi this has long been cklosed and i have given my book away already. thanks for the visit though

  4. ok. :) syang huli ko na nabasa.


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