WISHLIST: Who wouldn't want clean and clear skin?

Last night, I was watching a Glee re-run. It's their Valentine's episode where Santana and Brittany would share a (lesbian) kiss on screen. Personally, I would just say they shared a kiss but just to sensationalize it, I'd call it "lesbian" kiss. Don't take anything personal though, I have no judgments over the kiss. A kiss is a kiss is a kiss, just like love. Love is love.
From L-word.com

So let me share with you a brand I recently discovered online. Since I'm in the spirit of wishlisting, let me share with you the stuff I'm lusting over... so you'd lust with me! haha I'm talking about ZENMED skin care products for problem skin . I can't really say I have problem skin in general but I have some problems with my skin. :)

Derma Cleanse System
All of ZENMED's Derma Cleanse formulations are created for long-term clear skin. We have based all of our formulations on the exfoliating qualities of alpha and beta hydroxy acids that will prevent dead skin build-up from happening in the first place, hence preventing pimple formation. This inspired approach treats all steps of the Acne cycle: Preventing it, clearing the existing pimples faster, and healing any discoloration or damage.

 Save $5.00 on the Derma Cleanse System from ZENMED. Use coupon code GCJ49F2A975 at checkout. Valid until May 4.

Sharing is caring right? So I hope you have a grand time using the coupon code I shared above. Also, it would be such a HUGE thing if you head over this post and click LIKE, PIN, +1 or Tweet about My ZALORA Wishlist. It's actually an authenti shoe shopping dilemma-cum-contest entry for Nuffnang.

That said, don't forget to comment on My Zalora Wishlist post with your take on which pair of shoes I should get!


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  1. Nice Post ,love the first Pic!

    Lovely Greetings from Austria ♡

  2. Great, now I'm lemming too! Dang. Haha!

  3. I remember this episode of Glee - There were some really good song items. I hadn't heard of this brand before, but sounds really great!

  4. OH NO, its Glee, I totally have a headache right now. Just kidding LOL!

  5. Maintaining a clear, fair skin can be done with the right products. Choose the one that fits you.

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