WISHLIST: External Flash Problems

I've been doing a lot of wishing lately. It seems like I am in an insatiable unrest. I feel like I need to buy so many things lately and it's quite frustrating cause everything I've been lemming for the past few days are expensive!

Let's begin with this 150W Camera Ring Light which is $89.95.

I found a more affordable option, a Ring Light for Macro Photography Set actually, which is only $79.95. The set includes the items below. More products and is more affordable but I'm not so sure with the ring light. The former looks more professional, oh well, not that I am? Maybe this is a better set? I really want those Macro shiznits.

Speaking of shiznits, I have to admit, I'm not really looking for a ring light (though my search resulted to me wanting one); I'm actually just looking for sellers of an Olympus Pen FL-14 Electronic Flash . I'm a bit torn because I want an Olympus flash for my camera but I know that FL-14 is AAA operated so... I don't know. For batteries, I know AA is always more convenient.

This is the one I want. The white one. Generally, I would prefer a black one because it's neater but my Pen's silver so... I don't know yet. An Olympus Pen FL-14 Electronic Flash is $199.95 almost everywhere however I saw that the black ones are available at a cheaper tag?

I don't know why Black is cheaper but the cheapest I found online is from this seller: Olympus Pen FL-14 Electronic Flash in Black.  It's only $125!

But then again, this offer for the Olympus Pen FL-14 Electronic Flash, although at $199.99, is a set which includes batteries, a battery charger (which can be pricey too), a case and a cleaning kit... so I guess there's reason to contemplate.

To make the contemplation a bit more complicated, I found this kit which has interesting filters and a flash, but not an Olympus FL-14: 30pc Camera Accessories KIT: Digital Flash, Filters, Telephoto Lens, Tripod, Cleaning Kit, etc. But like most people, I grow a little skeptic over a cheap tag. I know I shouldn't but I do.. Don't you?

So I don't really know. I read that the Olympus Pen FL-14 Electronic Flash is a worth it external flash for my Pen and that despite the size, it can be really great for distant shots in need of light. I guess the drawback for me is the price and its battery requirement.

I found this non-Olympus flash and it got a number of positive reviews on Amazon. Should be worth a look? What do you think? Check it out:  Nissin Speedlite Di 466 FT Four Thirds Digital Flash for Olympus and Panasonic Cameras. Looks a bit bulky compared to FL-14 and it has a white version too.

The seller provided some as attached photos of the external flash, but not on a E-P1... but I think it's okay since it is mounted using the generic horse shoe slot. Like a boss, huh?

So yeah. I don't know. Thoughts? Comments please.

Leaving you with something pretty. Maybe someday my camera would be as royal as the photo below.


  Think bright. Smile a lot. :)

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  1. My wishlist has been growing and growing lately, too. It must be something with the changing season, wanting to get all kinds of new things...and for me, it doesn't help that my birthday is a week away!
    I love getting new toys for my camera and an external flash is next up on my list!

  2. I actually lookin for a ring set too! :D

  3. Maybe I can help you decide between black and white. Professional photographers choose all black equipment because black does not reflect back, white will. And other colored camera equipment for that matter. I had a photography teacher who had a silver tripod and he wrapped black electrical tape all over it because it was reflecting back in his photographs. Also if the black flash is going for a cheaper price it could be a supply and demand factor. I would venture to guess that Olympus probably made more black external flashes and thus more sellers have them and they are competing with each other for a sale.

    You don't need the photo light ring, trust me. Just use the macro setting on you camera. If you have a point and shoot it should be the tulip flower icon, and place your item under some bright white florescent light, and adjust your lighting temperature to match your light source. Easy, and cheap.

    BTW don't buy that blinged out Olympus, please.

  4. Oh, also don't buy any camera equipment that runs on alkaline batteries. They suck up too much power and you will spend all of your money on a lot of stupid batteries, and you'll be mad. Look for lithium or rechargable lithium camera products. Cheaper in the long run, they last longer, provide more power and you will be happier.

  5. I would love to have one of those round stand lighting. I see a lot of the youtuber's use it =)

  6. I would love to have one of those round stand lighting, I see alot of the youtuber's use it =)


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