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Like this post if you've been to the beach recently... or you're planning to go to one soon.
My favorite little cousin just created a Facebook account and I'm not sure if I'm really pleased with that! Nonetheless, she asked to be tagged to a photo I uploaded years back, and it's this little artwork I made.

I just came from a lovely vacation from Visayas. While I was a two-hour tricycle ride away from Boracay, we stayed within the beautiful realms of Antique and enjoyed their virgin beaches. If you would, or are, in Boracay here's an event you should join. I really see beaches as truly a force of nature, so where else should you start an adventure.
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Back to Antique beaches, the waves were wonderful and although ours were not white sand shores, the water was so clear, even if I was already threading over the deeper sections of the beach, I could still see my feet!

The first beach we went to was a beach resort...with an entrance fee of just...
I just hate it when people leave behind their trash. If you want to enjoy nature, how hard is it to bring your garbage out with you when you leave??

The second resort we went to (no photos, cause it was an open/public beach, which meant no cottages) was deeper and had more aggressive waves and boy was it fun. The waves ate me up roughly four times!

The beach is really awesome! Especially if you will end the swim with a bonfire blessed by a beautiful moonlight! It was my first bonfire and it was my first time to skew a hotdog on any random bamboo branch I found by the beach (don't worry, despite the impossible list of bacteria I surely swallowed, I am fine). T'was fun.

In loving memory of the beautiful Philippines beaches, check out Kleancolor's Chunky Holo Teal. It's not as opaque and it should probably be worn with an underwear shade; but I like how breezy it is on its own.

I am not a huge fan of Kleancolor's consistency but I love their colors.

Anything teal is welcome. :) It's not huge on being a holo, but who am I to judge.

Have you tried this polish?


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Like this post if you've been to the beach recently... or you're planning to go to one soon.


  1. true enough the colors are awesome! perfect for summer! :D

  2. Not all beaches have to be white sand! As long as they are clean, it's fine by me! Looks like you had a fabulous time!

    1. i agree! i dont have anything against non-white beach beaches. just as long as the water is clean!!! LD and wow the water we swam in was crystal!

  3. I haven't tried Kleancolor. I would have to mail order it. What a pain... but I have heard a lot of good things about it. The holo effect really stands out if you paint it/ layer it over a dark color.

    OMG don't get me started about trash at the beach. My husband and I volunteer to clean up river water by our house. We spent an 6 hours and collected 8 big bags of trash, mostly soda bottles. If you read about all the trash in the ocean, especially the Pacific Ocean, you will feel devastation. A lot of trash from Asia ends up on the beaches of Hawaii. There are big trash currents about the size of Texas that double in size every decade, the fish eat it and then we eat the fish. Very Very sad. No one can seem to do anything about it.

    1. omg being a pacific country i feel compelled to apologize for any garbage that comes from our side of the world! i really hate how the oceans are trashed by irresponsibility. i also dont like how chemical sunblocks kill marine life

    2. Well I'm sure I've contributed to the trash in the Atlantic ocean and did not know it. I think most of the studies and reports are on the Pacific ocean and that's why I keep hearing about that one. I stopped drinking bottled water and try to reuse bottles if I can.

  4. I have that polish also and I like it a lot. Great shade for a trip to the beach! :)


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