NAILS: Bright Future

Before I talk about my musical frustration, just want to share this super huge deal you shouldn't ignore. I'm using this very camera model for photos and everything and it's damn fiiinnneee :D Huge savings for this offer! If I have the money, I'd buy a back up camera! Save almost $500!

 Two nights ago I asked my lil sis to teach me how to play the guitar. My history of guitar frustrations dates itself back in high school. I even enrolled in a Yamaha music school to learn, but learn I didn't. Blame it on poor motivation and weak spirit, I succumbed to frustration and (finger) pain.
Photo by Miggy Mondragon. Playing the guitar... obviously not me! :p

Few years passed, I saved a little money here and there and bought my own guitar. It's the wooden classical acoustic type which I named Victor? Damn, I forgot. Anyway, I bought a guitar despite my incapacitated musical talent because at the back of my mind, the reason why I didn't learn before was not entirely my fault. I had no proper guitar to practice with, justifies myself. The guitar I was using in school had nylon strings while the guitar I had to practice and do homework with at home (doh) had metal strings; hence it was very very painful to practice with.
Who doesn't love Karaoke and booze? College days. I got lucky cause a lot of my friends were great in music so these photos were taken during one of those jamming sessions where instead of Karaoke, the guys brought guitars and there was a drum set and we sang the night away. :)

So I bought my own guitar and tried to learn on my own, didn't. Sought my brother's wisdom, incompatible style. I ended up putting my almost brand new guitar to rest. It gathered bunny dusts on top of my cabinet... until I decided to put it down (both my guitar and my tito's). I'm not sure if there's a direct relationship to the situation; but my sister suddenly became super interested in learning until she got her way and got enrolled this summer (just started this week actually).

After her first class (last Monday), I asked her to share with me what she learned in school. She did. We practiced, had a great time too. After her second class, somehow I can manage to make my guitar play notes. Imperfect notes, unsound chords, but still, it's an achievement for me! I'm still unable to play any perfect chord but I know I'd get there. But before I savour the bright musical future I have ahead of me, let me look back on my nails that once were.

Playing the guitar meant I have to cut my nails to extreme shortness so... I'll see what nail features I can come up with given the circumstances. But rejoice! Here are summer perfect nail of the day photos I got to take before I cut my nails short. I'm wearing an electric bright yellow polish from Etude House. The polish I'm wearing in the photos comes from their regular lacquer line only (the small bottle). :)

If you ask me, I think Etude House has the best nail color collection among all the Korean houses we have locally. They have great colors, super cute packaging, really friendly prices and amazing customer service!

Ahh so much memories. I really wish I learn how to play the guitar... I'd sing for you guys! How about you? Can you play any instrument?

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Think bright. Smile a lot. :)

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  1. I can sing, I can dance, I can act but I can never learn how to play an instrument. Hahaha! My sister wants to learn how to play the guitar and dad bought her one. She self-studied, learned one song and quitted because she got bored. We were planning pa naman to start a mini-band dati, she plays the guitar, I sing for her.

    BTW, love the nail color. I wish that would look cute on my nails din xP

  2. Oh, this yellow looks good on you! I'm scared of yellow polishes!

    1. But why? I think yellow polishes are really fUN

  3. perfect for summer! ready to go ka na sis! :D

  4. ganda ng yellow!been waiting for a chance to wear my yellow nails,il try it again after reading this

    1. I think yellow is a very choosy color but if you find the right one for your skintone, it can be very refreshing :D

  5. hehe, nice story thou. When i was in hs, si kuya ko, baliw na baliw sa gitara non', he even bought 2 acoustic guitars, I really wanted to learn how to play it, pero it was so hard specially when doing the "flat" chords. Too much pain po! hehe And yeah, you need to cut your nails super short (which I am really against!) lol. I am nail art addict so I think playing an instrument like guitar is not really for me, pero I love singing thou. I can ever play 5 songs non, yung mga simple lang yung chords. hehe

    1. Hi Jenny! I completely agree w you! Even now (not that I have been trying to learn so long) I still can't play flat chords well! And as I type this reply, my fingers hurt! :))

      You should sing!

  6. Aw, hehe pero nakakamiss din po sya di ba? Natatawa pa ko kasi yung mga rock na tagalog songs madali lang yung chords like "Lakas Tama". hahaha.
    Yep, I do sing, pag ako lang sa bahay, haha nagwawala ako, like I am singing those Beyonce songs. Nilalakasan ko lang yung volume ng song, baka batuhin ako ng kapitbahay namen. hehe


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