LIFE: Sweet Friends

When I got my prosumer (a term I learned from my best friend) camera, I have to admit, I ended up neglecting some shots taken by my trusted point and shoot. Prosumer cameras basically refer to a type of camera that is a hybrid of professional and consumer camera features. I'm using an "old school" Olympus Pen E-P1 and I know so many other Pens came after it but 1) I'm not rich to collect all Pens and 2) I'm not really a big photography enthusiast person. As long as a camera can capture well, I'm good.

Anyway, as I was spring-cleaning my external hard disk, I saw photos I took back when a friend of mine from Milan sent me a boxful of pleasantries=cosmetics. Among the loot she gave, I found myself religiously using this Bottega Verde lip balm. It's my favorite among the lippies she got for me because it's a lip treatment with propolis (propoli in Italian? hehe) which we all should know as a great moisturizer. I use this lip balm every night, before I sleep. I love that it's an antiossidante (antioxidant in Italian?) which means it can be very helpful in also preventing further darkening of the lips.

Aw, man. I can remember how I cried when my friend surprised me! I'm a sucker for sweet gestures! It was a super unexpected surprise and now she's back in Italy and a pang of guilt for the fact that we didn't get to hang out as much is biting me! Anyway... just to emphasize the goodness of this memory, let me just share how much I enjoyed reading the boxes and labels of the products she sent me... because they came with Italian info! 

Italian words I learned from a lip balm
Labbra (I think this is very close to the Spanish word for lips); Stick Labbra = lipstick?
Antiossidante = antioxidant
Miele = honey?
Obviously, protettivo emolliente per labbra means protective emolient for the lips. 
Man, I wanna learn a foreign language so much! Disclaimer, I'm not sure if the words are in Italian or what haha I just assumed the labels are in Italian because they're from Milan!

Before I end this post, let me share with you very poor unjustified shots of my favorite dessert, cream puffs by Chewy Junior. My favorite is the middle puff at the bottom row. It's their ensaymada cream puff. More on my favorite at the bottom of this post.

Because I love sweet things, let me enjoy captioning my poor office-snaps. I was using a point and shoot under very bad office lighting hence the tone of the photos, but trust me... these can bring joy to any one's mouth!

Sugar's my Miss Confection

Trip to the Cinnamon

Almond you so much

Hugs and Cheese-s

Anyway, this is the Ensaymada Cream puff I'm talking about. 

So yummy! Have you tried Chewy Juniors?

Think bright. Smile a lot. :)

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  1. oh my gosh, those cream puffs look SO good!

  2. I've never tried chewy juniors before, but they look yummy! You have made me hungry now just looking at this post! :) xx

  3. YUMMY!!!! Those cream puffs look pretty darn good for poor office snaps! I'll eat them all!


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