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Because summer is the a "fling" time, I figured it'd be a good time to stray away and talk about true love. In my case, this would have to be first love.

Vera Wang Princess is the first fragrance I truly called my own. Back in highschool, my friends call me Princess because I told them that my name meant Princess (and also because I associated my reputation to anything princess: Disney or extravagance in life). I would always use items that has "princess" written on it. I ended up with mostly pink studded treasures--and to no surprise did Vera Wang's Princess fragrance came. It had this studded crown that I used as a ring! I'm not very sure if the purpose of the fragrance cap was really to be a "free" accessory"; but I utilized it that way!

Princess by Vera Wang is ultimately my favorite fragrance franchise. It embodies a whole lot of juice  close to my personality--and it's glamorous, elegant, young and enchanting. I crave for the latest one... scroll to know why.

Many princesses came soon after and to date, here's the newest fragrance to take the throne.

Whenever I look at it, I think of the city lights and how it can make any fleeting moment a memory to keep. It doesn't hurt at all that the signature heart shaped bottle for the Princess fragrance is glittered 

I guess every romantic would agree, there's something delicious about the scent of an evening affair. The darkness, when lit up by something as magical as the new Princess Night fragrance embodies, becomes a chis and mysterious story to tell. With this scent's floral and woody scent, anything becomes possible come midnight--and I agree. The strike of 12 should never be the end of the line. Princess Night opens with a chapter of lush berries and continues with a floral chapter. This perfume closes with a musky vanilla and I have to agree, it got curiouser and curiouser.

If you love New York, then this fragrance brings downtown to your purse.


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  1. I used to have a sample vial of this and loved it! But I lost it during my move back to Malaysia :(

  2. Hmmm looks like it smells good! The packaging is so glamorous and cute ♥ Love it! Thanks for sharing.


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