FEATURE: FemmexFatale Eyes with No Lines

Few days ago I received the most amazing gift box from FemmexFatale Singapore! I encourage you to visit their website if you want to find classy beauty products straight from one of Asia's most visited country. If you want to have a taste of Asian skin care, their site is totally worth a visit because their products are fairly priced and most of their products have a unique feature... just like this eye care set I was sent for review. 

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So I was sent this lovely little skin care set. I really like that they offered to let me try the Eyes with No Lines set instead of their other products because I'm very frantic about caring for my eye area. Beautiful eyes manifests a beautiful soul. 

Everything was properly packaged and nothing was damaged in transit. I really like the little careful details that went to the packing of my items. There were bubble wraps and paper cushions all over the box so it was really like a surprise gift, more than a beauty box or a press kit. To begin with, I really adore the ribbons! It makes me think that someone really took time to make my pack look pretty. Now, who wouldn't like to receive pretty gifts?
The eye massager is ideal if you want to have your serum (and eye cream) be readily and more thoroughly absorbed by the skin. It also helps stimulate blood circulation to prevent dark circles and puffiness around your eyes. What I love the most about it... it's very ticklish!

The Eyes with No Lines set contained the following: Anti Wrinkle Spirit Eye Massager and 2 ampoules of salon quality Sunflower Brightening Anti-Wrinkle Serum. You can purchase just the ampoules for just $5 per two vials, shop here. Of course, optimal results are committed with the eye massager but if you're on a wrinkle-free journey but with a budget, $5 is such a great deal. Because the ampoule is top quality, you can just indulge with this treatment once a week or twice a month (if your skin does not develop fine lines as much). 

The benefits you can reap out of following a proper skin care management especially around the eye area can play really well in your effort to look younger than your actual age! As you may have heard, the eyes are the windows to your soul. But have you also realized how wrinkly eyes can make you look at least 5 years older than your real age. Remember those stressful days... remember how dark circles and soft lines (developing to crow's feet when you "smize" even a little) made you poker up. Disappointing and frustrating right? That's why along with a trusted eye cream, I can definitely recommend Eyes with No Lines

I haven't used much but with continued use the top quality serum should reduce and prevent wrinkles. I however noticed immediate results in terms of the massager's power in reducing puffiness around the eye area. Also, because it's a gentle eye massager, it can help stimulate blood circulation around your eyes thus prevent dark circles. :)

More benefits according to FemmexFatale:
  • Reduces and prevents wrinkles & crow's feets
  • Reduces puffiness under your eyes
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Firms skin
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Allows the eye ampoule to penetrate better and enhances the absorption of the product.
  • Battery operated, slick and small, you can bring it everywhere. Perfect for travellers.
  • All these are achievable at the comfort of your own home!

Are you? 
I'm Beautiful. I'm Confident. I'm Alluring. I'm Attractive. I'm Youthful. I'm Mysterious. I'm Intelligent. I'm Charming. I'm Vivacious. I'm One Of A Kind.

FemmexFatale ships worldwide and has a generous freebie program too! Visit them here.

How about you? How do you care for your eyes?

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Think bright. Smile a lot. :)

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