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There's something quite rewarding about finding and sharing about a great dupe discover... all the more if what you've duped is none other than a Christian Dior product. J'dore Dior but no J'dore Dior's price tag so here's a quick post on a lip gloss which I found to wonderfully mimic my Dior lip gloss.

This is my Dior Addict. Below it is the eco-friendly, totally chemical-free and affordable (Proudly Pinoy too!) Human Heart Nature lip gloss that delivers a, yes, notice the close resemblance in color!

Frankly, when I got the Pink Hibiscus Human Heart Nature gloss, I didn't imagine it to be that close to the Dior one I have at home. Only when I arranged my stash that I got to place them side by side to notice the similarities. Let's try checking the tubes one after the other again, shall we?

The most obvious difference the two glosses have against each other is the packaging. Dior Addict has a more elegant glass packaging with its label embossed in glass and the cover being a pretty nub that works as a handle for the gloss wand too; while Human Nature's tube is a basic lip gloss glass bottle. 

Their wands are also distinct from the other. I personally liked Dior's fuss-free wand more than Human Heart Nature... especially because the applicator for Human Heart Nature's gloss is too big for the mouth of the bottle to the point of having to shove the wand in after each use = results to messy product spilling.

Formulation wise, Dior is lighter (in the photo, the product dripped from the brush!). Because of the lighter formula, the Dior Addict gloss doesn't feel thick on the lips and it doesn't web between your upper and lower lip when speaking or eating. 

The Human Heart Nature's lip gloss is a tad thicker than Dior's and results to a bit of feathering on the lips. Unfortunately, one must be careful in applying the gloss as too much can result to the product accentuating the lip's fine lines. Funny also, the Human Heart Nature lip gloss doesn't stay on the lips! I don't know about you but I like applying thick gloss when I'm in the mood for a pout, and Human Heart Nature's lip gloss doesn't work well with the "mood". If you apply a thick layer of their gloss, the gloss would tend to drip from your lips! LOL Seriously, it's funny and a bit weird too. I guess it's because the formula is very light thats why it's liquid-y.

Despite the differences I mentioned, color-wise, they don't really differ at all. Dior Addict offers better lip gloss formulation and consistency but Human Nature's Mineral Lip Gloss takes the medal home as it compensates whatever it lacks in the consistency department with its ever-green quality. It definitely gains bonus points just because it's chemical free and is made with super nourishing ingredients like passionfruit seed oil, for instance.

Cue in the huge amount you would save if you switch to using Human Heart Nature's lip gloss, and I guess the decision would just come easy. For swatches of the winning lip gloss, please check this out.

How about you? Any Dior duper you'd like to share in class? :p

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  1. Great find it's hard to dupe some items. It's too bad the formulas differ so much but in the end if it saves you a bunch of money it can't be too bad!

  2. those glosses look soo pretty next to eachother :D i don't have anything by dior yet but i really want to try one of their products! their packaging always looks so prettyyyyy :3

  3. thanks for sharing this dupe. i'm not a fan of lip glosses though. but just for the sake of trying because i'm just a sucker for new inexpensive beauty products, i might give it a try ;)

  4. I see that Human Nature still hasn't done anything about the applicator of their gloss. A lot of women have complained that it's too big. So I'm not buying a Human Nature gloss until they change the applicator. :p


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