CONTEST: Summer Girl

I love it when I'm introduced to new songs. Earlier today, I was browsing the web, doing my usual blog visits when I stumbled upon this lovely page which featured the lovely song below. The title of the song is Sunshine Girl... so apt.

Very "good vibes" huh? I found myself smiling as I listened to the song, to be honest. Isn't it amazing how music can bring cultures together. Sure, I don't have a freaking idea what the song's about; but I know it's a happy one! Or at least, it made me happy.

Today I wrote down the things I should bring on July. See, I'm planning a trip on July and although it still looks gray from where I stand, I want to be a little ready when it surprises me with a green light. I plan to just bring one backpack for the 7-day trip I'm giving myself but being the junkie that I am, my list was already three pages long! @_@

So I set it aside for future revision, and decided to share with you a delayed announcement. I got my copies of Village Gazette two (?) weeks ago! Let me share a screenshot of the cover and the page where my article. I already wrote for two issues. :)

Cute cat photo!

This is the issue that was released last March 2012.

Wrote about getting by my favorite season!

Because I want to emphasize caring for the body during the sun's peak months, let me share with you one of my favorite summer-friendly product: the Nivea Sun Lip Care and the Nivea Sun Collagen Protect. I think it's timely to share this because last night was so HOT! I think it was 40 degrees in some areas of Northern Luzon... and that's supposed to be a cool place!

I use the Nivea Collagen Protect during days of heavy sun exposure because it's a very effective SPF as I've never experienced burnt skin when I use this product. It isn't sticky and it doesn't leave a too obvious whitecast shade on the skin, unlike most brands. I'm not a huge fan of its whitening tricks as I'm not really very interested in whitening; but I do appreciate how it offers SPF 50 against UVA and UVB rays.

While Collagen Protect is for days of heavy sun exposure, to me, my Nivea Sun lip care is beyond lip care.

The most noticeable thing about Nivea Sun lip care is its creaminess. In fact, here's the punchline of this balm, it can even work as your "lip concealer". Because it leaves a light film of creaminess on the lips, it looks like a lip concealer. It can effectively make dark lips look a bit lighter and more accommodating towards pink and nude lipsticks. In fact, I tend to reach for my Nivea Sun Lip Care whenever I want a super nude color on my lips. What I noticed, I use it often as a lip primer when I use one of my nudest Wet N Wild lip colors! Click the link for more Wet N Wild lipstick swatches!

So creamy and luscious now... not to mention, protected against sun damage! Glad to have discovered Nivea Sun Lip Care! Anyway, it took me a loooooooong while to verify entries for this giveaway (I really hate to be cheated) so I apologize for the delay but here it is now. The announcement, through random selection, Gee Ismael won! And her entries are verified so yey! Finally! I already reached her and she claimed her prize already. Congratulations and enjoy your lippies!

But there's more!

Now for a surprise... I won't tell you more details ALTHOUGH lots of clues/links can be searched from this blog. Anyway, if you dare find out the surprise... send me an email and ask a beauty question! That's all! :D Looking forward to hear from you!


Think bright. Smile a lot. :)

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  1. Thank you so much Miss Kumi! :D

  2. Are the two lipbalms in pink packaging have glitters?

  3. I have three of those Nivea lip blams, they are pretty darn GOOD!


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