REVIEW: Bare Escentuals Bavarian Creme Lipcolor

Last February, someone sent me a bunch of stuff which includes shirts, tea and a lipstick. Funny, My favorite among the loot was the Trader Joe's Shopping bag! If you know me, I'm all about environment and stuff (although not as obvious and earthy as little Ms. Earth Angel) but I am.

I won't be sharing with you my thoughts on the bag as it is but your ordinary eco-shopping bag (which is not canvass yeey! I love it!). It's huge and seems very sturdy! I love it! I think I will use it every time I go to the mall, really. So let's move forward to the lipstick: Bare Escentuals Bavarian Creme Lip Color. I love how super sealed and protected the product is. Sadly, the ingredients are written on the seal which I happen to throw away sooner than I thought I would so sorry I won't be able to post an ingredients list here. The lipstick sits on the Trader Joe's bag that I love.

After removing the seal, first thing that caught my attention was the lipstick's velvety case. I liked the detail. Then of course, who wouldn't enjoy whipping out a lipstick shaped like a marshmallow! :)

Here let me share the whole bullet. It's a regular-sized lipstick bullet; what I noticed out of the ordinary though is the moist that developed on the surface. I was unable to capture it but there was moisture (little dots of moisture) on the surface of the bullet which weirded and freaked my out a little--then I remembered the same thing happens to my Human Heart Nature Mineral Lipsticks so I just concluded maybe natural cosmetics are imperfect like that. No complaints. I just wiped it off as I wouldn't like moisture to remain on the surface of the lipstick bullet for I fear it might cause some mildew to develop. You know, the equation is moisture = breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, mold. Uhm, am I paranoid?

I swatched it on my arm. Oh by the way, I was in a moving taxi cab while taking all these shots! LOL Anyway, I wanted to show that I'm wearing a particular watch too--for the watch and the lipstick came from the same special person.

For the curious, this is how Bare Escentuals Bavarian Crem Lipcolor looks like on my lips.

Me likey. I thought it would fall more on the nude side but I'm pleasantly surprised by how creamy and pink it turned out to be. This kind of pink is my type of color. Here's my colored verdict on the lipstick!

What do you think? Have you tried Bare Escentuals lipsticks?


Have you had SWEET DREAMS?

My glitter twin sent me this drug-looking packet of sweetness and I must say it's sooo yummy! I love tea by default already so no need to baby step me with an introduction; but if you're not yet a tea drinker, this type is a good introduction. It's sweet and not leafy-tasting! :D
Definitely not drugs! Really?
Obviously, I love The Voice. Sadly I don't get to watch all the time since our gym class overlaps with the show's schedule, but thank God for YT right? Now let's listen to a Naia Kete original.

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  1. The lip color is really nice! It has enough color, but neutral enough. It looks like one of those your lips but better type of colors :D

    1. You couldn't have placed it better! It does qualify as among those lipsticks!

  2. ooooh that lipstick looks so thick and creamy! i love catching a glimpse of your glittery nails :D
    the tea doesn't look as bad as i thought, it looks like pieces of nuts mixed with some grass/leaves :D

    1. I think it's becaus I photographed the side where the "nuts" settled. O should've photographed the side that lOoked like crushed marijuana haha

  3. Wow! I'm in love with this lip color. I've been using Bare Escentuals' mineral foundation, but I've never thought their lip products are as good too.. :) Will have to get this soon!


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