REVIEW: Allue My First... Strummin' Trio Eye Colour Contact

Did you notice how hardworking I have been in updating the blog, improving the content and making this whole visit of yours more worthwhile? I hope you did! I'm really hoping to share a bigger and better piece of online for you! If you haven't been on my blog recently, better yet if it's your first time to drop by, I hope you could also take time and enjoy my recent posts... cause yes I have been very hardworking in sharing with you content, quality, content, ideas! :)

Because I can't stop thinking about Wet n Wild I Got Good Jeans and because I can't find it locally (meh) let me share with you this little palette that I've been enjoying for "rebound" purposes. It's Allue Eye Colour Contact Strummin Trio. (Photos are not outrageously amazing as I'm using photos I took back in 2011... when I got the palette as I usually take photos of products I buy before using them, just in case I think they're worth a feature/review/blogpost space on my blog. Sorry!)

It makes me think of denim too and since I'm no jeans person, this is the closest I can get to being hooked.

It comes in three cool colors, all of which should be worn over an eye primer if you want the colors to really stand out. It has this teeny eye shadow sponge applicator which of course I threw out since my peeve is pointless "free" applicators. It's okay, because you can easily wear these colors just by using your clean fingers.

Here's a swatch. (not with primer, sorry)

Ingredients: Talc, Mica, CI 77019, Pearl Powder, Triglyceride, Magnesium Stearate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, 2-Phynoxyethanol

As always, I take time to read a cosmetics' ingredients label. It has become a wonderful habit of mine, and as much as a huge number of chemical names are still new to me, as I continue with my habit, a select few are more recognizable than ever... that is why I stopped when I saw triglyceride. Now, I don't need make-up to know that. I know triglyceride is fat! LOL I know because I don't want more of fats in my life! LOL

So I read online, what is the role of Triglyceride in cosmetics. Turns out, it's not as scary as I assumed it to be. Initially I was like, WTF am I smothering my lid with margarine??? Then this article calmed me down. I refuse to read more as I'm quite satisfied with what I read already. Call it crazy, but my psychological coping mechanism first relies on denial (or maybe justification) as its first line of defense.

Strummin' Trio is from Allue My first...'s Glam Rock line. With that, Let my verdict roll...

I hope this review was an enjoyable read for you! The key in keeping up with your make-up passion (or addiction) is to always keep it F-U-N! Allue My First is available in all HBC outlets nationwide!

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. The eyeshadow palette is very cute. I like Allue products too even if they're meant for tweens. :)

  2. The colors look adorable Kumi; but I haven't tried anything yet from Allue. However, my youngest sis is constantly asking me to buy her some stuff there kasi it's very catchy talaga sa tweens :)


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