POLL: Blonde Girl?

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False eyelashes are from KKcenterHK.
I'm currently using above photo as my Facebook profile picture. (Don't forget to connect with me on Facebook!) I have to say, I feel like wishing for violet eyes every day. I'm eternally afraid of contact lenses, if you ask me. No matter how many people claim outright fancy over the candy-colored eyes trend, I find it difficult to swallow. What if I go blind???

Past few days, I've been in a daze. I have been clearing out my room. My bed, which for the longest time acted as a table too is not back on officially being just a bed. Gone's the pile of books and papers and whatnots that made sleeping on it slightly stressful. Next, I'm clearing out my table. Come back tomorrow and I'd be sharing with you how I organize my make-up brush collection. I'm sure, those of you who knows how hooked I am with make-up brushes would be excited to know how much I have. I'm sure a lot of people may have more, but considering the part where I don't really use my brushes (as a professional make-up artist could justify owning tons), I think I have a hefty collection.

I have been contemplating coloring my hair blonde. For the longest time, I've been playing with that blonde thought. I know I can't go platinum, nor do I want to, but I am thinking of having that right type of blonde--just so I can say to my future grandkids, hey, grandma was blonde once!

But I'll always be a redheaded girl. Redheads make the world go round. Should I stick to my flaming locks or should I go full-on bright and blonde?
Thoughts? :) Comment please.


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  1. I really love your hair right now. If you ant blonde hair then go for it girl! It's always up to you :) I know you can pull it off!

  2. Your hair is lovely that way, but trying something new is also great! You can try dyeing only the tips of your locks in blonde first and see how it's like then if you wish just dye all in blonde! Just enjoy yourself girl :)


  3. I totally wish I had violet eyes. I am like you though. Wearing contacts scares me.
    You look absolutely lovely as a red head. But of course, it all depends on what you want and what in the end you feel comfortable in.

  4. Dear, I think here it's the same with you as it was with me.
    I wanted to have red hair really badly, but was putting it off for years. Once I tried and LOVED IT!

    So I think you definitely should go blonde. To at least try it out!
    So I'm definitely for blonde!

  5. Your hair is beautiful now but if you have wanted to change it for ages go for it!! You only live once and if you don't like it you can always dye it again xxx I'm the same with contacts I have managed to wear them but I will never be comfortable putting them in and taking them out!! xxx


  6. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I love your hair, I wouldn't change it..... I love your eye make-up too xxx

  7. Your hair colour is awesome, but if you want, you can change it... why not? Changing colour sounds so fun and is temporary!!! I always desired to colour my hair red, but at home family said "No" or "Why?!".
    Now I'm older and I can choose: I'll dye my tips. ;-)


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