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I'm a very bad shopper. I sometimes pick the wrong size or wrong color because I hate trying on things at the mall. I don't like the process of undressing over and over again--especially if my budget is not sky high. Imagine trying on three or five outfits only to go home with less than one? Not cool.

So yesterday I was at Rustans (at the beauty section), and I literally wanted to buy everything! Well, that's an exaggeration... although I did want to buy something from every turn! But I didn't because I found out I lost my money! So much for thinking I could be disciplined, I didn't buy because I couldn't afford to spend! I did buy something for my sister though because she sweet talked me into getting her a shirt. In my family, I'm the only beauty crazed one. The rest are into clothes... ah ha! Maybe that's why I don't really fancy buying clothes (note on my disdain over trying on outfits). I can just borrow! LOL

Anyway, I bought something for myself; unfortunately, I got the wrong size! Tsk. What's your take on a size smaller bra? Katy Perry?

I will be on a "vacation" next week so I won't be able to keep up with my one post a day commitment (did anyone notice how hardworking I've been?) But before I leave, let me share with you one of the things I'd be bringing with me to Antique, an island province mid-section of our humble archipelago. It's the cute Etude House Fan Brush my sister surprised me with. I adore it so much because it's very handy, easy to clean (despite it being white/pink haired), and it is also very cute!

It comes with its own pouch too so it's perfect for travel! I can use this brush for my face powder, blush, bronzer and highlighting powder--so it's definitely a must-have travel brush for me.

Speaking of travel, every year I declare a "summer song". If I remember it well, last year I got so hooked with the song Price Tag. This year, my calming song would be Next to You by Chris Brown--but yeah I hate the fact that it is Bieber-fied LOL. I really liked the lyrics though. This song hits home. The song makes me feel hopeful while also inspires me to question myself--what do I have to offer?

How about you, what's your spring/summer song?

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