SHOPPING: Acrylic Organizer Sale!

Some would say I'm on a roll ;p I've been organizing my makeup and so far I'm having a blast! Then one lazy Sunday afternoon, as I was browsing, I saw these amazing products on sale... and I mean sale! Oh my god, huge savings! 

I know none of you would buy a $300 acrylic case so I think it's very tempting to give in to this deal I found. What a waste if you let it pass! From $300 to $74! I'm losing my mind! It's perfect for palettes, blushes and pretty much everything!

 Oh my god, so here's another. You save $90! It's $44 from $135! Gah. This one's perfect if you want to separate your single shadows from the palettes. Or you might want to use the four small drawers to organize your gloss collection! Even eye pencils!

I love Home and Wine! My gosh, from $250 to $71! This is a jewelry case (notice the cabinets on the side?) Who says your accessory organization shouldn't match your cosmetics?

What do you think of these deals? If you're getting them get them soon cause stocks are few. Happy shopping!

Guess what product I'm reviewing next!!

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  1. So, did you order any of these organizers?

    1. I really wanted to but since it's shipping from the US and I'm from the PH, I was afraid the distance would butcher the acrylic cases during shipment! I did buy new acrylic cases locally though. I'm so jealous of you guys who can access these sale offers!

  2. Are these Careline lip glosses? :D


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