REVIEW: Ever Bilena Red Lipsticks (793, 704, Love the Red)

When you're fascinated with cosmetics, it's inevitable to find yourself debating (with yourself) regarding the value of finding affordable make-up. I hate to call them cheap cause cheap is tainted by bad experience. Affordable is more apt. If you're fascinated with cosmetics, I'm sure somewhere down the road you "met" that one thing that would make you accept the fact that you don't need to spend top dollar for quality make-up. Because it's February, let me again share with you a lip color that satisfied my skittles.
Oh snap! The swatches are the other way around. Meaning the first lipstick from the right (on first photo above) is swatched as the first lipstick from left (in the second photo above). EPIC FAIL lol.
If you know me personally then you should know I love grocery shopping. I can't think of a person who doesn't anyway. Grocery shopping is such a therapeutic errand, don't you agree? So while I was grocery shopping with my mom I separated to check a rack of lipsticks by Ever Bilena. The SM Hypermart near us only had Ever Bilena cosmetics among their "beauty section". They have lots of hair care and skin care products though... but for make-up, it was just Ever Bilena, so being the junkiee that I am, I stayed on that rack for a while and tested a lot of products. I went home with these three red lip colors. I bought these for Christmas but because of the name of the lipstick in the black box (Love that Red), I decided I should just feature these tubes come February. Sorry but I forgot the exact price of these lipsticks but definitely they're under Php200. The boxed one is, if my memory serves me well, Php 150; while the ones in the plastic silver casing are a hundred a pop.

Check out how red they are. Fabulous right? One can never go wrong with the right red lipstick and because I'm a "lipstick lady" (first time to have a friend call me like that!), I can't get enough of my reds. Right shade is 703 while left shade is 704. I know right! I don't understand why I bought two lipsticks which varies in very little ways! Even their number codes are just right next to each other! LOL

I am not happy by how these tubes were named. I hate number "names"; but oh well. This 703 shade is the lighter red among the two I took home.

To me, 704 has a little hint of wine red going on if you judge it by the bullet.

Their cases are not special. They don't lock as securely as I hope all lipstick caps would but I can't say I'm not happy with lipsticks that come in clear cases. It's always easier and more convenient to know which is which especially if you're looking at a "collection".

Let me swatch them for you. Here's my naked lips for reference.

This is 703 on my lips. Photo was taken last night, inside my room.

This is 703 on my lips. Photo was taken the morning after, inside my room.
Oops against the light!
This is 704 on my lips. Photo was taken last night, inside my room.

This is 704 on my lips. Photo was taken the morning after, inside my room.

I'm sorry, I really have shakey hands and sometimes I get lucky and get my shot but oh dear lately, I've been failing myself with swatches and I get frustrated. Is that reasonable? To use what is usable. Rest assured though I don't edit the photos so color-wise, my swatches are right smack at centerpoint of the ballpark.

As expected, 704 had a deeper red but it is for that reason that I ended up liking the brighter 703. Next
let me share Love that Red. I can't help but be reminded of Mac lipsticks based on the packaging. I also really appreciate how clearly they indicate the batch and lot code of the product. I'm very particular with that! Also, compared to the first two lipsticks, I like this one more because of the name but let me first note that this apple came from a different tree. Love that Red is from EB's Matte lipstick collection.

It's a few peso more expensive and with the little increase in investment though they remain so affordable, there's huge improvement in packaging. It looks a whole lot more formal now.

This is Love that Red on my lips. Photo was taken last night, inside my room.

Sorry I just realized my photo of Love that Red in the morning is just yuck. Any tips on swatch shooting?? I'm such a novice LOL

This is Love that Red on my lips in broad daylight, but I got bored with the matte finish so I coated it with Maybelline Fruity Jelly in Sparkling Guava :p Ever been like that? Getting a matte product then coating it with shine in the end? LOL
See, I told you sometimes I get my shot! LOL

I don't think I'd repurchase just because generally speaking, I don't feel the need to have the same tube of lipstick twice (unless I mean it's THAT amazing). For lipsticks, I find trying something at least once is enough. :) If you're looking for red lipsticks that would not break the bank, you should check out EB's collection. They're not as long lasting and because of that, reapplication would be required; but they don't leave my lips a-crackin' and they have superb colors. They have nice pinks and nudes too! Would you like to know more about those (aka. tell me yes so I have reason to buy them haha)?

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  1. now i want a red lipstick!!! wahhhhhh!!!

    1. go go go! It is February anyway. :D plus EB lipsticks are super affordable! I want their pinks but im trying to see if readers would request for it... so i have justification in buying LOL

  2. ohh. i want it too! good thing that it's cheap. i prefer matte finish for lipstick, i rarely use lipgloss on top that why i like the moisturizing types more than the long lasting ones. :))

  3. ohh! i want one too! good thing that its cheap. :)

  4. Great review, Mae!

    And we share the same thoughts about high-end and affordable makeup. Why spend so much on brand names when there are cost-effective alternatives available?

    In the end kasi, nasa nagdadala naman yan eh. :)

    1. Although a lot of expensive product do have reasons behind their price like better and more quality ingredients, practicality sometimes weigh so much making drugstore brands worth a try.

  5. I used to find Ever Bilena lipsticks a little bit drying but I still love the few lipsticks I have of the brand. :)

    1. I think the matte lipstick was drying (thats why i ended up glazing w gloss haha) but i assumed bec it's matte. :) I used to really like their eyeshadows esp the green shades :D

  6. Red looks great on you! I can't make it to the Star Wars event, sadly, coz I have to style a fashion show tomorrow and am watching the new cast of Sound of Music on Sunday. :( Are you going??? Take lots of pics if you are!!!

    1. I'm not sure! I want to cause I want to see what the rest of the geeks prepared hahaha but I'm not sure too :( Aww, sayang but good luck on your event! Hope to read on it on your blog/ And weeee kaingiit Sound of Music!

  7. the red colors are just so pretty and lovely!!! ^_^~

  8. I am not a big lipstick person, but the colors look great.

  9. whats the 5th lippie from the left (swatched photo)? :)

  10. I worry that it will darken my lips, but I gotta give EB another chance right? Will check them out soon. Thanks!


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    1. i have not heard of news about EB lipsticks darkening the lips but if youre afraid perhaps using a lip balm as base can help. and a nice lip care regimen at night too :D some people detox their lips :)

  11. Is that the Ever Bilena lipstick with gloss of the same color on top of the cap? I wonder? Before I am 20 I hate seeing red lips but now I wanted to have some red lipstick to achieve the same shade.


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