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With all the anti-hate campaigns sprawling the world, I can't help but wonder which is stronger: love or hate?

Definitely, hate is a strong emotion. Personally, I find it more difficult to hate than to love. Love is a blissful feeling and it's just so easy to let oneself go and get lost in it. Some people even drown themselves in love. Some people surround themselves with love. Some people love all things in life. Can you name a person who can hate all things in life... like all? I can't, I guess I'm considering myself lucky.

Hate, on the other hand, is a completely different feeling. It's funny how when we hate somebody, we behave similarly as to when we love someone--but with a downwide spiral catch. It's sad, to nurture anger. I have to admit, I often find myself lured back into a dark place as well but everytime this happens, I always do my best to reel myself back to the light. I think there's so many things in life that I can be thankful for; enough to overcome the few things that I wish would change, I wish would go away.

However, I do hate how at times, hate haunts me. I keep myself together by recounting the great people with whom I can share myself with--no judgments. I know blogging is a dangerous hobby but I have taken a few risks here and there, and although I have my failed attempts, my failures does not change my successes. So I'm claiming this award with a different theme. I know a lot of you imagine me always bubbly and happy, and although I often am, there are a few things that I don't like!

I know this came late but I know it's never too late for friendships to begin. In a way, this would also be cheating as I'm using these 7 random things to claim two awards! hehe

From Jen
From Czai
1. I am painfully insecure about writing. Sometimes I find myself reading bestseller after bestseller because I find bittersweet pleasure in reading (and wishing) I wrote as good as these great writers.

2. I like to delete things. I like clearances (clearance sales included!). I like cleaning my room, changing my bag, arranging my drawers, etc. I like the feeling of a fresh start the most... so I also like deleting phone messages, emails, etc--especially if I want to escape a certain bad memory. I know deleting things that someday I would regret deleting is bad, but I have a weakness--the past.

3. My nails always break. They are as weak as my dietary discpline when faced by creamy, cute Red Velvet cupcakes with tangy cream cheese frosting. I love cream cheese frosting. I can eat a tub of cream cheese frosting and totally not feel guilty about it!

4. I have one extremely long eyelash. It grows ever so often, and I remove it everytime it grows back. It's twice the length of my regular eyelash. I don't know why it's super long. Sometimes, it's even a gray lash. Ohmymomma, am I a grundma?

5. I like being alone. I talk to myself sometimes. Is that crazy?

6. I am afraid of public humiliation. Who isn't anyway?

7. I always feel not enough. That's why I like Taylor Swift's song Mean. It's a happy song. I wish I can play and sing or even just sing it with valid reason and enough bragging rights to sing it, some day.

Since this award claiming is a cheat (2-in-1), I don't know how to tag people. Do I tag 14? Do I tag 7? If I tag 7 or 14, do they receive 2 awards? haha Oh dear, so I figured to leave it up to you.

If you have something you don't like about you, but learned to embrace, you're tagged! I want to know! Pls link me up!

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  1. We're both crazy then, as I like talking to myself, too. Haha! ;)


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