EVENT: Never Outgrowing Pinkbox

One can never outgrow a happy childhood. Well, anything you truly love can never be really removed from your system. It becomes an integral part of your soul, of who you are and of how you would remember the years that lead to the person you have grown to embrace, flaws and all.

So it wasn't a surprise that I can only give an instant "Yes!" when I received an invite from a brand that I grew up loving (and not to mention building friendships with), Pinkbox. It was an afternoon of all things cute and pretty, how can I stand to miss it?

We all know Pinkbox for it's cutesy hair trinkets but from Pinkbox' first ever blogger event at Sweet Bella Cafe, we were given a run through of the brand's decade-long product ranges. Suffice it to say, they have grown far and wide from their hair accessory roots; and I can't say I'm surprised. At the event, we met Pinkbox owner and dedicated mom Nelly See. We even shared a table with her after the Pinkbox presentation and we so enjoyed how she described how Pinkbox came to be and how tending to Pinkbox also helped her grow as a person. Like I said, there's more to Pinkbox than hair accessories and here are some snaps of the lovely find you can check out from their outlets or their online home.

Oh my gosh, when I saw this upon opening the press kit sent to us, I seriously wanted to just run toward the nearest Pinkbox stall and buy a pair! :)

People like us (who grow up loving Pinkbox) need not outgrow the love thanks to their Chic Collection! You can now find necklaces, bangles, earrings, and all sorts of accessories that fit a dalaga style, just do take a leap of faith and enter the pinkness of Pinkbox stalls. :)

Of course for me, what I love the most about Pinkbox are their affordable hair basics. I have such unruly hair and these little trinkets help make my day more bearable.

So after the event we were all given a Pinkbox! Kidding aside, I'm posting today because of this too, we were given advanced Chinere New Year tikoy! I love tikoy so I was so happy, y'know. :)

We were also given the chance to "personalize" our loot bag! There was an accessory buffet from where we were able to choose Pinkbox finds we would love to take home. Here were my choices. It was a bit difficult to choose as the very good ones I was eyeing on were already taken by the time it was our table's turn! haha

I love this clip. I love the ribbon detail it has. :)

Don't forget, when you're tying your hair, avoid those ponytails with metal locks because those tend to damage your strands! Check out how a ponytail should look like, below.

This was from the welcome gift laid out on our tables. 

I shared tables with lovely bloggers too and let me take this opportunity to say hello and see you soon to: Bec, Donna, Jill and Tracy (photo from Tracy's blog; so that's L-R: Jill, Donna, Bec, Me, Tracy). 

Among the stuff I got to take home, this has got to be my favorite! It's from Pinkbox Chic collection. I swear I love it to bits! It's not heavy, it's "vintage'y" and I love the cherubims!

Also from the Chic Collection. This was among the last few necklaces to choose from and I chose this because it made me think of jellybeans. :)

This is such a lovely necklace with a Beauty and the Beast feel. It has a long chain and the lock is actually that stem of a flower that you have to insert in the golden rod.

Back to hair pieces, I also got to take home this lovely hair band. I love white accessories.

And who am I to say no to a pair of pearl earrings. Gosh this is soo cute especially with the ribbon detail! My little sister even borrowed it from me already! So happy Pinkbox accessories are age-friendly!

Last stop, a floral ponytail from their Kids Collection. :)

In light of all the looking back on growing up talk, let me share with you some scanned photos we just recently developed (because we just recently found the film haha). These photos were taken roughly uhm five years ago. :) I should probably use these photos as my workout peg. Gotta have that highshool body back type? :p Disclaimer: the date stamp on the photos wasn't set right. Those are not circa 98 hehe
My favorite of the bunch!

Finally, a decent photo of me. A rare occasion actually, when you see me wearing a cap hahaha May basurahan pa sa background!

Please visit Pinkbox over here and Like them on Facebook by clicking on here.

Who you are is a sum of the choices who you were made. 

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  1. wahh ang cute ng earrings na nakuha mo!! yay!! so nice.. :D

    1. Yeah, so glad I got it! Halos wala na when we stood up! :D

  2. i love all the photos! im kind of unsure what pinkbox is though, at first i had the impression that it was a company for cute stationary, but it seems more like one for accessories towards the end of your post? haha

    1. hihi Eileen Pinkbox is a 10-yr old accessory brand here in the Philippines. Mostly for kids, but they are expanding to cater older peepz! Perhaps so those who grew up patronizing them don't have to grow too far away. :) I'm better now! So excited to send you your stuff girly


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