REVIEW: Allue My first.. Girl Next Door Hypoallergenic Blush Gels

Can anyone guess what these are?
Allue Blush gels!
Allue My first... Girl Next Door line has a range of hypoallergenic blush gels which come in three stunning shades: pink charm, cherry bloom and crimson puff. Pink charm is of course the pinkest of the range, while Cherry bloom is your trusted "just went jogging" flush and Crimson puff is your "kilig to the bones" red. (I couldn't resist describing it that way, sorry!

Red is the color of love and with the greatest story of love upon us this season, we can't not talk about red beauty finds.

How to use:
Squeeze the tube gently--a little goes a long way and you wouldn't want to waste any of the product as this cheek gel range is completely swoon worthy. Dot on the apples of your cheeks--do one side of your face at a time because you would want to spread the product upon application so you don't end up with red dots on your cheeks. Make sue your skin is moisturized so it'd be a breeze to spread the product. This product is great with bare moisturized skin or with a primed face. It also blends well with a BB cream'd face. It's also okay if you're the powder foundation type, but wet gel-type blushes such as these are always best with a wet base too. To get the most of this blush's performance, try wet-is-to-wet equation.

This hypoallergenic cheek gel contains the following ingredients: Aqua, Ethanol, Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate 20, Poloxamer 101, Disodium EDTA, Triethanolamine, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, CI 45430, CI 19140, Fragrance.

-innovative! I love how Allue came up with a squueze gel-type blush for tweens (and people like me who can't stop being young! haha)
-very affordable
-lasts a long time! It doesn't smudge and it is very sweat-proof. I would jump to conclude that this is also waterproof--but perhaps I'd leave that to when I get to try this under the rain or something :)
-the shades are perfect! the shades are the right pinks and reds you would want from a gel-blush
-the packaging is cute!
-the packaging is very handy and neat. I love the fact that it's a squeeze type tube which is my preferred packaging since it's more hygienic.

-the cap locks snug. The problem with squeeze type packaging is sometimes the cap is too loose you end up with a messy pouch. For this range, I noticed how snugly the cap fits so it's a mess-free tube.
-long expiry date. As if it'd take me two yrs to finish this product haha but I do appreciate how it has a long shelf life. People like us who love cosmetics are most likely dealing with a long roster of make-up and it's nice to not be limited in time when it comes to using a product we invested in.
-I also love the names of the blushes. I like it when brands name their products and not just leave the products with "number codes" because it's so much more easier to recall which product to use/love when they are named properly--all the more if creatively.

-it is very small. You would use this up quite fast especially if you use it everyday--which you would most likely do especially this time of the year when reds are sooo in!
-limited colors. Wouldn't it be nice if there would also be peach, mauve, and beige colored gel-blushes in this world? Gel blushes are very convenient to use as they're fuss-free so it'd be amazing if gel-blushes that also cater to different skin tones are released in the market!
-one you take them out of the packaging, you won't be able to tell (really) which is which as the tubes are not labelled! (Check out the first three photos of this post, no labels or anything on the tube!)

-the packaging describes the blush to leave "a sheer look" but contrary to what was stated, I can't help but notice how this gel blush isn't sheer. It is very much pigmented, like it's a pop for a dot. A pop of color for a dot of product, I find it amazing but I placed it as a con because the description at the back of the packaging slightly made me expect something else--gladly I wasn't disappointed to have proven the description otherwise. :)

Who wants swatches? I swatched these babies but I can't find the files! Would you like me to re-do, or you trying these yourselves! They're just Php 65 each anyway! :) To know more about Allue products, visit their fanpage here.

Always smile! :)

AND Always keep your make-up canvas clean. Have a facial done regularly. I love having mine at Let's Face It Salon because they're prices are very reasonable and I have been a client since high school, which is pretty much a decade ago! :p

I recently had one done because my face was just eeeek. The cold Christmas climate was leaving my face dry so I had the Milk Essence mask right after my thorough facial. It was of course very very very satisfying, as always.

My face before the treatment (don't expect much because I don't have an after photo haha). I just wanted to show how neat and clean the Let's Face It service is. I have a hair net and a bib on, yey.

Me during steaming. I was sooo kulit, I kept on moving and taking pictures in the dark salon so I don't have much. I got to take this decent one though. That's me while steaming. Can you see my pores relaxing? hehe

The complete treatment costs Php 845 (I hope I remember it correctly.) If you have dry skin, you should definitely try this treatment out! It's going to leave you with soft supple cheeks and nose (after the treatment, I kept on touching my nose cause it was sooo smooth). :)

The face behind the mask is smiling, I swear!

Tell me, where do you get your facials done?


  1. ive been using Cherry bloom since i first saw it in hbc :]

  2. Hi! I'm new here in the blog world! Just wanna share, I also used Allue Blush gel but it did not work for me maybe because I'm a morena type. But I love Allue products, they were my first make-up.. haha..

  3. Just dropping by to check out on you blog and thank god that I did. Cool photos you have and love your blog too. Hope you can visit mine as well. Giveaways will be up soon! Have a great day! xo

    Fashion blogger

  4. Now that's cute! At first I thought they were vitamin capsules. LOL! I love gel blushes and I've never seen one just as cute as this anywhere here. :)

  5. I've been seeing these cute box-like thing at HBC pero ni hindi ko man lang tinignan kung ano 'yun. HAHAHA. I would love to see the swatches. I hope you would post it :> Hihi.


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