REVIEW: Allue My first... Fruity Lip Balm Delight in Strawberry

For the lips, red is a color that would never go out of style; and contrary to what other people believe, red lips is also a statement that doesn't judge by color. It's all about finding the right red for you.

Now, I would talk about the different kinds of red in a separate post. Right now, I just want to share with you the safer way to wear red--and that's to wear a just bitten red lip.

Hehe this chimp's fierce!

The best way to do so is to use a lip balm that has a bright hint of red finish on the lips. You wouldn't want to gravitate to your lipsticks as lipsticks are generally thicker than lip balms; while lip gloss may cause a dramatic shine, and with reds I noticed how the matter the better. Anyway, lip balm's the perfect choice since it's the best of both worlds. It can give you color and just the right amount of moisture (shine) to achieve and perfect that very wearable red puckers

Girl next door type? Well, I would expect you are a lip balm lover too. It's sweet, innocent and more casual to use lip balm given any occasion. Recently got to try Allue My first... fruity lip balm delight and oooh if you're a fan of strawberry flavored anything then this little pot can be your new bundle of joy.

My First. The first complete and dependable brand of affordable, high-quality products that are mildly formulated to suit the delicate needs of tweens ages 8 - 18 who are in the advent of many beautiful first experiences. Visit for more info.

It is from the Allue My first... Girl Next Door line, which caters to tweens (and tweens-at-heart). They have a lot of cute pinks and shimmers from this range. Although it's for tweens, they do have gems here and there.

Look at how bright this strawberry-flavored lip balm is.

From a bird's eye view, the pot looks small, but check out how much product this actually cary. For those who wish to know, this little clear lip balm pot is a whopping 8.5g! That's like 100% more product that your ordinary lip balm tube which is normally at around 4g only!

And this balm is carrying product in style! I actually like how the packaging is very smooth and curvy. It's like a toy when held up but you know what, the clear packaging is very sturdy. The cap, which I expected to be loose (since that has been my problem with Allue lipsticks) isn't loose at all. It locks very well and it requires your thumb's special touch to open so you don't have to fear the product being opened while inside your kikay pouch.

I also like how the bottom of the pot wasn't left behind. It has a matte plastic bottom which I find to be a nice touch. :)

Allue My first...fruity lip balm delight's made of the following ingredients: Polybutene, Beeswax, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Propyl Paraben, Glycerin, CI 77891, CI 15850 and CI 77492. This balm is of course for external use only.

-batch number, manufacturing date and expiry date is printed as part of the packet's design so you know it's a very well-organized company/team behind each product. Although the dates are by month, I do like the professional standard behind the brand's effort to disclose these VERY important product details.
-leaves a "film" of smoothness on the lips. After application it would be as if your lips are with "zero lines" cause it'd feel crazy smooth! Check out photo below...
-the strawberry scent isn't overwhelming. It's the right amount of sweetness.
-I like the very subtle red color it leaves behind.
-it's unflavored (see the Con below) so it's kiss-friendly hihi. You know when your kiss-mate doesn't like tasting other things besides your lips? OK wait... this is for Allue. Must be kid-friendly! ;p
-very affordable, check it out here: link

-it's hard to think of a con for this pot :p
-OK, for the sake of not allowing anything to be perfect, can I complain the part where it isn't glittered? :p Kidding aside, it smells like strawberries alright but I (licks the lips) don't (licks again) taste 'em! :)
-feels warm.

How about you? What's favorite lip balm flavor?

Always smile! :)

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  1. oh this is so cute,!! but its kinda big to fit it in my pouch, unlike the normal lip balm i can easily slid on my purse.. any available flavors aside from strawberry?


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