REVIEW: Maxfactor 3D Lipfinity Chartreuse Blend


The heavy traffic only means it's a long weekend once more so in lieu of halloween looks (since halloween isn't as much of a big thing here, I think) I'll just share with you a vampy lip color from Maxfactor Lipfinity line: 3D Lipfinity in Chartreuse Blend 630.
It's two-in-one (duh, blend? haha). The dark vampy red violet shade is step 1 while the green gloss is step 2. I got this because I got so curious with the color combination... I mean, what does a green gloss do anyway?

As you've already seen against my skin, the green gloss isn't as green as it looked like in the tube--but it still pulls off green shimmer well.

So this is my canvas.

And this is what post-Step 1 looks like. It's very dark and vampy.

Now I don't know how more 3D my lips can get, so I didn't keep high expectations. This is what post-Step 2 looks like. So weird because I think what the gloss did was mess up step 1 haha It just lightened the color and in a way it emphasized lines on my lips which I didn't like!

But at least it made the lip color wearable. I don't think the vampy red violet shade fits me, and my age, and my personality--but I supposed on days I want my skin to look pale and washed out, the vampy red would be effective. I mean, wouldn't it be thrilling to have people look at you and think... Twilight much?? haha

Because it's lipfinity, I must say it's very very stubborn. It works and glides like a stain. :)

*the difference in skin tone is due to well my face being more peach undertoned than my arm, which registers pale, idk why...
**because this is such a quickie post, I didn't notice the typo on the photo label until it was uploaded--lazy ole me doesn't mind haha
***flourescent lighting

I got this item for free from so I don't know how much it is. It's a freebie to my orders so I'm not complaining either, but judging by how much I liked the product, I don't think it's worth buying. Well, unless you have a particular look in mind. I don't think it's a practical color though, hehe

Always smile! :)

As October closes, let me just take a brief moment and look back on my beautiful red birthday lips. :p


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  1. Ooh the violet shade seems very wearable, it suits you well! Thank for this review, I haven't seen this product before~ By the way, thanks for your blog comment :) The nails aren't heavy at all, in fact they're very light just like regular false nails!

  2. Geez look at that pigmentation! The color payoff looks superb!


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