It's ma Birthday tom

It's my birthday tom! Frankly, I've never been excited for my birthday. I have always tried my best to avoid the topic as much as I can because I really don't have much friends or power to pool a number of friends in one room to form a party. I've always had that fear that I'd be alone on my birthday--loner much.
Yes I am turning 23! haha Nice search Google!
But this year, I feel weird because I'm excited. Not that I have a party--or the time to even party, but it seems like, I don't know, aww emotional shite but aww I have friends.

I love receiving random calls from people who wish to greet me happy birthday--in advanced cause they're so busy too! I love receiving the IMs and of course the very very advanced greeting from my officemates--as if they won't be at work tom, LOL. All those make me feel like looking forward to tomorrow. :) Happy dance.

Tomorrow I'm going to wear red because they say I should. I don't know where it came from, the pag birthday dapat naka-red thing, but I'm game enough to buy it. In fact, I purposively bought a red dress for tom. Talk about preparations!

Anyway... because I'd be wearing red tom, I decided to share with you my peg for tom's make-up. Ah yes, again, preparations!

I love this type of red in red lipstick.

Yay bombshell.

Anyway, this is pretty much the ultimate peg--not just for tom's birthday but for the entire Christmas Season. I always have a trend whenever it's the holidays (like that year when I went all-out with scarves and ribbons, etc). This year, I'm exploring braids--because Human Heart Nature Shampoos really assists me in growing and maintaining my used-to-be dead-ugly locks.

If my mood ends up twisted tom, I'd probably wear the Trendsetter gloss Eileen got me. I tried it on and it's a flashy pink. :)

If my mood is extra twisted, I'll just use a lip and cheek tint--besides I do need to review this soon so I need pictures/swatches stat!

Oh! Another reason I'm excited for tom: I got a parcel card from the post office! I'm not sure if this is something from my special someone uyyy timing! or if this pertains to my KKcenterHK lashes (hope not, not for tom, I want something special!). But I am slightly wishing it is pertaining to my fragrance orders cause well it's a big shell-out of money and I would love to escape anxiety of waiting!

LOL I had to revisit my blog post almost a month ago. I completely forgot what perfumes were ordered! So happy a Lanvin Eclat was ordered! wooo I hope Post Office brings me good news! I hope tariff wouldn't be THAT HIGH again! Last time I had to pay Php4,500 for tax!!!!

Greet me tom. +6391*55711** LOL talk about wanting random calls (PS. no don't call me. I don't often answer anonymous calls). Email me though, Email me for anything :)

Always smile! :)

Damn. Adam is so hot.


  1. Happy Birthday to the both of us!! =D

  2. Happy Birthday, soon will be both 23 ahihihi
    my bday was last month ;)

  3. Happy birthday Ms. Kumimae! The cake looks real and suits to you..hehe. Stay beautiful!


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