PXC 26 at Resorts World

I always joke that I'm macho, so given the chance to watch live mixed martial arts action, I'm such a go. Thanks PRC!

I was with my brother last Saturday at Resorts World Manila for PXC 26' Fight night. (PXC which stands for Pacific X-treme Combat is a Guam-based mixed martial arts event). Last Saturday's main event was a title match to boot so it was something definitely worth eyeing on. Fighters came from all over: Guam, Hawaii, Korea, and of course, Philippines. If you're tired of seeing Mexicans and Filipinos spar inside the ring, try the octagon.

TRIVIA: PXC's goal (and this is evidently pursued with direction) is to send a Philippine fighter to the UFC before a basketball player is sent to the NBA. With the might of the Pinoy fighters I witnessed from last Saturday's fight, I won't be surprised if it indeed happen.

To know more about the event, fight schedules, etc, visit PXC website or like their Facebook fanpage. Watch the video below to be hyped!

Before watching, my date aka my brother first treats ate to dinner, first time!

We ate at Johnny Rockets, and I can't help but admire the wigs haha. Dining at Johnny Rockets made us realize we can't live in a different country because we don't like reading strange menus! Funny how we were both so happy to see entrees like porkchop haha

Game face

We were seated with other media invites so the seats were near the stage. I couldn't have gone nearer though; hence I might faint. Nothing beats stress than watching violence! I know I should be ashamed to say that but it's something I can't deny. My fondest memory of relieving stress with violent entertainment was when I watched the movie 300 alone... I was the only person literally laughing (not because I found it funny, but because I was enjoying) every time bodies were flying off air.

Watching the fight live made me realize it's far more interesting to watch the event in the flesh than in TV or even DVD. There's just something about seeing the fighters and feeling the crowd get excited as the clock ticks. Some fights ended soon but some served shots of adrenaline. The main event, for example, was a fight worth watching!

The fight photos I have here are not from the main event though because I got too excited to be trigger-happy. :( Insert regret here.

High respect for the fighters.

Always smile! :)


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  2. Agreed with pop blush,,, natural is always a classy na.


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