X-Men First Class

I'm no huge X-Men fan but I would have to admit, I grew up loving X-Men. Thanks to the advent of video games, this completely ignorant non-comic readeing person knows the characters of X-Men. I think it would be kahiya to not know Professor X right?! I mean, really? What rock do you live in?!

Yesterday I watchted the advanced screening of X-Men First Class with my friend and teeee so fun cause we haven't seen each other for ages! And it;s not like the last time we saw each other we got to bond! So nice that she was available and was not late! :)

After the movie, my friend gave First Class a 9. Seconds after, maybe after realizing that some of the graphics were indeed mediocre, it suffered a -.5 blow. Still, an 8.5 for First Class is pow. I really like it cause it's nostalgic. Chummy ba?  Okay, and I admit, I love fight scenes (though I do normally have my own internal fight "scenes" seeing anything painful happen (to both the good and bad ones!).

What I most appreciated about First Class is it's thorough exposition of each X-Men's "deep histories". The fragments of X-Men knowledge I have stored at the back of my mind fin'lly made sense! I learned a lot about X-Men through the movie. I'm actually looking at reading about X-Men... or watching old X-Men movies! :) Proves to show that X-Men First Class is the movie to watch if you want to rekindle an old interest... or a childhood memory/feeling. :)

Here are some ideas that came a day too late :( Things I think would be fun to do after watching X-Men First Class:
1. Play 20 questions. Since it's a movie that narrated a lot about "histories", playing 20 questions would have been cool!
2. Go jogging! at night! :) kasi it's hot and sticky to jog in our humid Philippine weather hehe
3. Talk about things that makes you furious. I think it's nice to dedicate short random moments to complaining about life or to infuriating things... hehe


Watch it with someone weird and proud! :)
Magneto's the cool kind of bitter.


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