A gift of Rainbow Connection... or collection :)

Has it been raining where you are? What I do during my stay-at-home nights is play with colors. Most of the time I practice with make-up to spice up looks and learn new techniques. Sometimes, I give my tips all the attention.

Few weeks ago HBC sent me a bagful of colored treats for a nail review. I featured one of their Glam Rock nails for a Beauty award which you can check out here: link. Now I share with you the treats you can also head out and grab for yourself! :)

These are quite a number as these are from their three nail collections... so with your patience, I'll post swatches on a separate blog. :)

Soleil Nail Polish Collection
I first featured Soleil here: link. I love their Soleil nail polish collection because the shades are my top three favorite colors... like if it were an exam, Soleil aced it!
Canary Glow

Tangerine Burst!

Moss Green
Soleil Nail Polish Collection comments:
- The packaging is exciting. I love the burst of yellow at the cap, and the smooth glass finish of the body is interesting. The polishes look expensive, but they're not!
- The colors are my favorite colors! 
- The applicator is just the right size: not to dense, not to thin.
- Affordable products! I forgot how much, because these were gifts; but I checked HBC near me and as expected, everything's within the budget!
- The nail polish doesn't stay too long; which is okay for me because I like changing polish every now and then, but not okay for people who expects a manicure to stay until her next mani-schedule.
- The colors are not wearable especially for professionals. It is quite difficult to wear corporate and have yellow nails
- The cap of my Canary Glow bottle was detached so soon! IDK what happened!

Allue My First... Water-Based Nail Polish
I love how small the bottles are! Fits my purse perfectly!
This set is for every Girl Next Door type. :)
Love the shimmer.

Cosmo Pink

Simply Natural

Aqua Chic

Golden Rule
Allue My First... Water-Based Nail Polish Collection comments:
- The colors are perfect for tweens and teens alike!
- The collection has wearable shades like Simply Natural and Golden Rule for formal events; and Cosmo Pink and Aqua Chic for casual Picnics!
- The packaging is kikay kit friendly!
- The water-based formulation made it a bit challenging to work with. The formula's not too cooperative upon application. hard to dispense evenly.

Allue My First... Peel-Off Nail Polish Collection
The shades are all pink!
This set is perfect for your Barbie days.

Laura Lavender
Dear Princesses... it's for you!
The Peel-Off Collection channels every tween's Fairy Tale dreams.
Peel-Off Nail Polishes are great for the young ones because the colors are easy to remove--hence peel-off. You don't even need to use toxic acetone or any nail polish remover to remove the polish from your nail bed... 

I love the glitter in this set...

Fiona Fuchsia

Moira Magenta
Soleil Nail Polish Collection comments:
- I LOVE THE NAMES! haha I imagine each bottle to be perfect for a certain personality/friend. Great for slumber parties!
- The collection is complementary of each other! I did a Barbie French tip with this collection where I used the lightest pink as the base, hottest pink as the tip!
- Peels off easily... which is fun! :)
- Funny to say this, but a con would be that it peels off easily! :p Just that!

Swatches will be posted soon. For now, it's 9:20 in the morning. I'm very hungry and I'm off to have breakfast! Have a happy comfortable and relaxing Sunday!



  1. amazing colors! :) they are all so pretty!

  2. ooohhh!! i love all the colors! new follower here! :D



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