X-men First Class

Like if you love X-men

It's the "Summer" referred-to-in-trailers season again! What movie are you looking forward to watch?

Especially because there are usually very limited great movie selections during Spring (that's just me!) I look forward the hardest to Summer-movies, which are well in Philippine time basically the June-August movies!

One of those I look forward to are of course your comic-to-movies screenplays. X-men, which I pretty much grew up loving (back when we don't have playstation yet, I spend all my loose change, earnings, and even beg mom for money just so we can "rent" and play from our neighbor's living room. I spend it all playing X-men! I have the hugest crush on Gambit!!!).

With that, let me share with you the movie's official trailer (and the excitement!) so you would be ready to experience first-class entertainment very very soon.

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS is a new beginning for the X-Men. The story is by Sheldon Turner, an Academy Award nominee for co-scripting Up in the Air, and Bryan Singer – whose work as the director of the first two films in the series, X-Men and X2: X-Men United, was hailed by critics and audiences around the world for their skillful and seamless blending of drama, action, scale and social-political themes. Singer’s X-Men films became a template for the resurgence in comics- to-movie adaptations, and landmarks in the new age of superhero films.

Most of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS is set in the 1960s, an apt period for an origins tale because it was during this decade that Marvel Comics editor, head writer and art director Stan Lee, along with Jack Kirby, created the X-Men comics. The X-Men, like many of their Marvel predecessors, are an unusual heroic group – at times sarcastic, anti-social and clearly flawed, yet sympathetic when battling the demons of their love lives, tackling the traumas of self-esteem, or taking on powerful villains in their universe of special powers. They are the children of the atom, homo superior, and the next link in the chain of evolution. Each mutant was born with a unique genetic mutation, which at puberty manifested itself in extraordinary powers. In a world increasingly filled with hatred, prejudice and fear, they are scientific oddities…freaks of nature…outcasts who are feared and loathed by those who cannot accept their differences.

“X-Men: First Class” opens June 2 (Thursday) in Phil. theaters from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros. Visit 20th Century Fox (Philippines) on Facebook and on www.youtube.com/20thcenturyfoxph for promos and latest clips.


Who is your favorite X-men character?