Beauty Awards: Bright and Clear

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Bright Nails

Summer is the season of colors! You see eye-popping colors on almost anything, clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up and yes, of course, nails!

We've all been there, you know, that situation where you purchase a lacquer that promises so much color but upon application delivers only a washed out version of it's "tube color"... this is why I find it quite tricky to buy polishes because unlike make-up, nail paints aren't convenient to really swatch. Of course you can still swatch a polish before purchase as most nail polish stores have a nail polish remover lying around but it's not convenient because then you'd have to go buy with clean unpolilshed nails, and second, part of a nail polish's quality is it's staying power and clearly, how do you know if a polish can last long if you just swatch and remove it right after? Oh, also, to swatch a polish, you would have to wait for it to dry pa... totally not convenient.

That is why for the month of April, I would like to share with you one sweet polish find I have discovered. It comes in such a little packaging but don't underestimate its size. Presenting... Allue's Glam Rock collection in Neon Yellow! :)
Check it out! werkk!
Neon Nails by Allue My first...

It's so fabulous! On my nails, you're seeing three layers of the product. I know that's rather thick but that's a lot of yellow for a polish that's (if I remember it well) P25 only (plus rewards points as I'm an HBC Exclusive member!)


Oh, Did you know HBC has this membership/rewards program? You can avail of it by paying membership fee (Php 99) or you can just wait for an accumulated amount and get it free! I love how it rewards you by giving you instant "secret" discounts (check your receipt for this, normally you get member's prices for so much items!" and you also receive points rewards that you can convert to HBC GC later on!

If you're the type collecting membership cards, you should include HBC's card among your collection because it's a lifetime membership card as well! PLUS the card's quite beautiful. Thick and sturdy, like a credit card

Clear Skin

This is me few weeks ago... bare and breaking out! (photo was taken to promote my Bare and Beautiful Campaign sponsored by Maybelline New York)

This is me weeks after I used Etude House' AC Clinic!!! yessss the improvement (of course lighting is better on photo below becauseit was taken during the day too! But both are unedited, so spot the difference--or the lack of "spots" on the second photo at least!)

Break-out free! Thanks to Etude House AC Clinic Facial Foam Cleanser!
I got AC Clinic Foam cleanser for my sister because she's going through puberty=so frustrated with pimples! Eh, I love her.

Coincidentally, for some weird reason, I was experiencing breakouts too (though I normally don't!) so I used the product as well and wow, I'm pretty amazed.

The best Acne-fighting product I've ever tried!
I only tried the foaming facial wash and yet it was so effective already. I bet if you try the wide-range of Salicylic-activated products of AC Clinic, your face would be Acne-free in no time! (Php 398?)

I love it's sandalwood scent. :) 

Happy days ahead!


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  1. So love youuuur nail polish! Perfect for summer! :)



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