Women loving women

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excuse me for saying
I'm only a woman
in love with a woman

want to see you naked against the stars
laughing like it's cool to mock the gods
with your beauty, a world-envy
your angelic laughter on repeat

need to have you naked against the wind
unbothered sleeping on pavements
with your scent, a sweet prize
your swift memory materialized

Dream by Yamato (my current favorite Digital Artwork)

want to feel you naked against my cheeks
building dams of wonder unknown to man
with your hand, a glorious wand
your magical lustre forming sighs

try to take you naked against road signs
scratching dusts of your being followed by fools
with your steps, a restless romance
your roads undecipherable

have to know you're naked against my old shirt
unforgetful of toxic tassle-haired vows
with your hope, a name tattooed
your mind always home

naked against me


Please like this post if you love the song.


  1. I love this song!

  2. too many lesbians in the world today. where are the straight women for straight men like us today?

  3. dear anonymous,

    I know where the straight women are. They don't live underneath the rock as you do. =)


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