SNAG YOUR DREAM JOB: Keep your eye on the prize!

Ever wonder what it's like to live the life you really want? Well, what if I tell you, it's time to stop wondering!

About my lashes: YES! Those aren't falsies! :) I achieved that using a Pulse Perfecting Cosmetic!
I'm pretty sure you've heard of the saying, if you're waiting, it's loo late. If not, well there you go!

Recently I've been reading and watching and searching and talking to people both successful and almost there and if there's one thing I found common among the lot, it's their eagle eyed focus on what they want. If you've heard of The Secret, then what I'm telling you shouldn't be news. If you haven't, the philosophy of success is simply knowing what you want, and knowing that what you want, you'd get!

Very bratty huh!? But you know what, I think it works. Oh, scratch that! I know it works!

Knowing what you want in life and what you want to achieve is harder than perfecting a souffle, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. I read somewhere that everything always ends good. If things aren't well, then it isn't the end yet!

I think a positive outlook in life is a great "tool" to possess. It will help you keep your mind healthy; then it'd be easier to trust that everything else will follow. However, I do believe that success isn't all about thinking. If you want to achieve something, you don't sit down on one corner just pretending that you're living off on your achievements already. That's delusional! Funny, but delusional! :p

To get you started, I'll share with you this beauty review of Maybelline New York's Pulse Perfection Mascara. Say what?!

Ah yes, your reaction.

I know how stressful it is to set up standards, high as the sky, and to find ways to meet these self-structured sky-high standards! I don't want you to take your flight looking drab so to encourage you (and to remind you) to keep your eye on the prize, I want to help you achieve pretty eyes! :)

And what easier way to prettify your eyes than to make your lashes flutter. ♥ (TIPS on the photo captions! Enjoy! More more tips between photos!)

Here's a photo of me wearing Pulse Perfection on my lashes: both upper and lower lashline's coated. :)

Can you spot the difference? COMMENT NOW IF YOU CAN! :)

Super Makro :p
You can opt to skip coating your lower lashes with mascara if you'd like to go for a subdued look for your eyes. But, if you can afford it, don't skip this part! It's a pretty FUNtastic step that can really emphasize your peepers while also giving you a more doll-like look.

On Super Makro it looks like my lower lashes are clumping ugly, but really, for the lower lashes, it's also fun to achieve slight clumping of mascara of the lash hairs.

After applying your mascara on your lower lashes, get a clean tweezers and place make little clumps of hair by tweezing the coated lashes together. This will help you achieve a "porcelain doll-like fake lashes", without irritating your eyes with tedious falsies application!

(Check out my first two photos to see what the mascara looks like from a normal distance, or through a normal non-supermakro eyesight perhaps? hehe)

See what it looks like to clump lower lashes together, photo above.

To further emphasize my eyes, I lined my upper lash line (up to my tight line) using Eyestudio's 2-in-1 eyeliner in Dark Purple. Dark Purple is great because it is the color of ROYALTY!

Kidding aside, Dark Purple suits most skin tones, from the fair mestizas to the warm morenas. :)

I love using this mascara because I don't even need to move my hands to really apply the product! I just place it on top of my lashes and press "on". It's quite ticklish!

I love using this eyeliner because it has a very smooth slide on the skin--and it has such rich selection of colors!
I think eyes are everybody's most precious asset, especially on the face. To me, no matter how perfect the shape for your lips are, and no matter how clear your skin is, your eyes are the most wonderful! The eyes reveal so much about people and to me, that makes them extra-special! When I talk to someone, I make sure I look at their eyes directly. It's my way of gauging how much I can trust a person, and it's my way of also knowing how much this other person is trusting me (It's a two-way street. You can't look straight someone you don't trust as well!).

Speaking of talking to someone, first step of working towards your dream job would entail an interview. Oh, that dreaded Job interview.

Here are some tips I would like to share to you, job-seeker!

1. Look outstanding. First impressions last and if you want to snag that dream job, I would jokingly tip that you should likewise look dreamy. If you're applying for a job that is into sales, look amiable, trustworthy and professional. If you're looking for a superior managerial position, looking polished and intimidating are plus points. Look the part. Get some lead using "stereotypes" and then make these stereotypes your own. Just like in many things mass produced, it's all about wearing the "in" thing and making that "in" thing wear "you". If life is the stage Shakespeare hath describeth, then thou should weareth the proper clotheth. :p

To look perfect...
If you want to captivate the world with your eyes, better frame it well. Use Brow Definist in Brown to fill in the missing details of your brows and to secure that all-day perfect arc.

When you're wearing heavy mascara, make sure your skin under your eyes are smooth, clear and perfect! If you don't want to use concealer, simply wet your AngelFit Foundation sponge and apply your AngelFit foundation on your skin with a set sponge. The 2-way Cake powder let's you achieve thicker fuller coverage when using a wet applicator! Doing so, will help you cover up dark areas without even using concealer!
2. Be honest. I'm sure you'd like your resume to sound perfect for the job but don't take your employers for a fool. They know (can see and can smell) too goo to be true at a distance. Don't stink! Make your resume "fragrant" by playing up your strengths. If you have a long list of achievements outside school, bring them up. The key to being impressive is to technically show-off your assets first and foremost, make your assets be the "star of the party", and follow through with your sincerity and passion. Following through is important or else you'd simply be a boastful arrogant, nothing fancy in that!

Make your lips talk the talk! Wear a color that is both irresistable and professional!

Use a delicious shade of lipstick, I would recommend Maybelline's Color Sensational in Cosy Tangerine.

After I first tried it, I couldn't take it out of my kikay kit! I'm wearing it on the photo above. :)
Good luck!


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