Don't wait for a boulder to kiss shoulders.

If I tell you there's value in returning calls, you'd probably smile and say/think "Wow, how random! but yeah, that's true!" Like this post if you're smiling right now!"

Lesson of the day: Return calls.
I don't mind, as long as you believe what I said. Return calls. Calls are hands, reaching out. You shouldn't ignore hands that are reaching out. These are blessings opportunities to connect to another life, that can always just choose to keep his/her hands to his/herself, but at a given moment, chooses to call you. Opportunities may knock only once, but like I said, CHASE YOUR GOALS. If you missed some "knocks", it doesn't follow you can't go out and chase it!

and Go. If you have to go, go; but tell someone where you're going.


After watching The Craft (wow, old school!), we watched 127 Hours. I wasn't able to watch it from the very beginning since I went to my room to take photos of products I will be featuring soon, but I'm glad my feet brought me back downstairs, early enough to see an extraordinary film unfold and come full circle. The story's so compelling that I have to admit, I set aside everything I planned to do and accomplish tonight for the blog and for my job, just to my two scents about 127 Hours, a movie I would like to regard as a movie about how we should all live: young, focused, social, fun, loose, independent, stuborn, humble (in that order, yes).

Kidding aside, (half-meant), I think the movie is so amazing. The story's so moving that I think it's impossible not to be grateful for life and for all the blessings one can see or touch or feel around right after the credits run.

Life is never about a question of capacity but will.

I hope you find the time to watch the movie, if not, do indulge yourself with the trailer I have embedded on this blog. Like I said, this week is all about recess, and I just want to fill your bubble with what it needs to be able to lift you up again: hope and inspiration.


I told you I am on to something when I say Sunflowers are gods.
Photo above is the most appealing and applicable movie poster for 127 Hours, to me at least. If you haven't seen the movie, to your there isn't probably anything special about the silhouette art; but if you've seen it already, you'd see so much subtexts on the movie poster above, so many it'd be impossible to ever settle down.

Lesson no. 3 of the day:  Settle down.
No mastter how life gets tough, know that you're tougher. Never give up. Life is too beautiful to miss. You are too beautiful to be missed.

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