Like if you're crazy too!

There you go... that's 6-10 inches of dry, coarse, tortured haha hair. :p
Disclaimer: I didn't feel pain, loss of energy, bereavement or anything. Rather, I felt free, liberated, light and crazy... and I love it when I feel crazy! I feel like I'm in a movie and I'm Angelina Jolie haha!

One last look... 

My hair's so long... I do crazy things to it. Especially because it's so so stubborn! It's as if nagpapatigasan kami ng buhok ko, to show the other, who really is boss! Lately, my hair's getting payback! Scraing me with so much hair fall! So, I had to do something crazier! I cut it. Proves that I still am BOSS!

Snakes on my head! haha When you use rubber curlers overnight, such as the ones I used in the photo before, you wake up with that!
And now... the aftermath of my crazy cowboy salon evening!

Tada! (Wearing my favorite Ukay-Ukay shirt find. It's super ugly and old now, I've had it since third yr college! I love it so much! It has butas na but I can't CAN'T let it go! haha I bought it for Php40! It says I heart geeks, The Simpson's style!)

To those who are wondering, yes the ends are all wrong and jagged, my hair has no shape or style... and yes, I made a humongous mistake of cutting too much on one side HAHAHA but I don't care! Is that weird? I really don't? For all it's worth I can iron my hair or tie it in a ponytail or a bun on days that they're unruly. :p

I've always been a messy haired type of girl. Always. :D
OK ba? :p

I'm thinking, if Hermione can do it, so can I!
 PS. I'm so loving my Sims family. :D (L-R: Dreu, Raleigh, Abigail, Kumi)

Saktong sakto... Raleigh staying up all night watching TV. Us sleeping haha what good parents haha!

Speaking of watching, saw Gnomeo and Juliet in 3d with Dreu yesterday! (That's her shadow cast on me!)

There was NOONE in the movie house! Just us two!

That's dangerous! I kept on looking if someone would show up, because that's dangerous! We stayed at the first row only, instead of going way up to own the better seats!

Anyway it was fun because we can laugh all we want!
Now, I want to watch Beastly... Thinking of asking Dreu out again :)


Like if you like crazy as well!


  1. i like what you did to your hair. and because of that, i followed your blog! ^_^

  2. BTW, I followed yor blog. Hope you can follow me back :)


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