Wear your Cupid's Bow, Sweet Penelope.

I love lips. If it isn't obvious to you yet (many of my haul posts and ravings are about lip products/lipsticks), well there. I believe that spells it out pretty clearly. Lips are very fascinating to me.

Naturally, I figured, a great way to celebrate love all-year-round is to celebrate it through your lips. Kisses are shared through the meeting of lips anyway, so I guess that makes my idea reasonable.

More than anything, I love how lips are shaped (and can be shaped). The love month may be over but don't you think it's going to be really nice to be able to carry those February-feelings over to each coming month? And what better way to do that than with the help of cupid himself?

Did you know then that St. Valentine, or let's just refer top him as "cupid" (a name which I always associate and imagine to be referring to a cherubim, carrying love arrows!), is a part of our lips? YES! The very curve in the middle of your upperlip is called a "Cupid's bow". Ain't that too cute?!

This is why I recommend you wear your cupid's bow every day! It would accentuate the beautiful features of your lips while also making your face look more doll-like. How's that for "the whole world falling in love with your smile"?

To wear your cupid's bow, here are two great finds I got from HBC. I like them for this particular task because with these products, wearing love (every day) is made simple. :)

PROS: Allue Creamy Lip Color in Penelope shade is very kikay kit friendly! I love how it has a sturdy "hardbound" casing, I love how it's easy to open (great for secret quick touch-ups), I love how it comes with a mirror and I love how it comes with a lip brush! Yes, all that in one pretty small lip palette--oh, yeah... before I forget, I love how it is holds FOUR different shades! :)


Allue Creamy Lip Color, opened.
PROS: I love how each shade's scent is nothing other than calming vanilla. :)
CONS: Peachy shade, (second, clockwise from clear pink glittered gloss.) is quite difficult to work with.

Allue Shimmer Powder (doesn't come with a puff).
PROS: The powder is smooth to apply on the skin. Problem with some shimmer powders are rough, so I really love how Allue's Shimmer Powder feels more like a "light-reflecting" all-over face powder--although don't do that please! Allue's Shimmer Powder is quite glittery. :)
CONS: Doesn't come with a puff!

(As mentioned previously, I found it difficult to work with the Peachy shade :( sayang!)

Tips on how to wear your Cupid's bow:

1. Always start with clean lips. If you have chapped lips, work on correcting that problem first before you bring the attention to your puckers. :) Chapped lips can easily be healed by lip balms or intensive lip moisturizers or conditioners. However, for more long term results, try to develop a habit: the habit of using a lip balm/moisturizer before you sleep. You will notice improvement in just a few days! :)
2. With clean, healthy, smooth lips, you can now proceed to lining your lips. 
3. Optional: apply concealer or a light layer of powder foundation on the lips. Doing this will help you neutralize the redness of your lips, thus help you in really making the most out of your lip color's actual pigmentation.
4. Line your lips using your favorite lip liner closest to the shade you want to wear. If you don't have a lip liner, it's okay... using a lip brush will help you in precisely applying lip color on your lips.
5. Apply desired lip color using a lip brush. If you lined your lips, apply lip color using a lip brush on your lips with extra care of not "coloring" beyond your lines; however, if you didn't use a lip liner, make sure to have your lip brush ready. Apply with light gentle strokes. Don't overdo the layering of lipstick on your lips because it might lead to lip stains on your teeth!
6. After applying lip color, using the tip or palm of your finger, apply shimmer powder between the curves of your upper lips--do the same just underneath your lower lip. This will reflect light and thus highlight the sexy curve of your lips.
7. To make your Cupids bow last longer, blot your lipstick on a clean tissue power, and re-apply a thin layer of your desired lipstick shade.
8. Now smile, and be ready love!

Here are some lip swatches-slash-Cupid's.Bow.Wearing.Lip.Shots that I would like to share with you. What do you think of the shades?

Allue Creamy Lip Color, orange (third lip color as shown on palette). Even without a smile, if with an emphasized Cupid's Bow, my lips look dolled-up! :)

Notice how accentuating your Cupid's Bow make your smile more beautiful? :)

Allue Creamy Lip Color red-pink. Love this shade!

This is the best shade among the "Penelope" Allue Creamy Lip Color. It's so glossy and vibrant, perfect for summer!
There you go, hope that inspired you to feel the love regardless what month it is. :)


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  1. All pretty! I love the shades esp. red pink.

  2. Allue Creamy Lip Color red-pink is LOVE! LOVE!

  3. I have never really given Allue a second glance because their products seem pre-teen-targeted. I will definitely check this out now. :)

  4. I'm really everybody loves the Allue lip palette. galing no?! Who would've thought bongga rin ang Allue right? ANYWAY, here's something that I did using ALLUE PRODUCTS too!

    You'd be amazed: http://on.fb.me/allueringeyes


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