Candy-Colored Rockstar

Congratulations in having the confidence to want to be a rockstar! :p

Since you really don't want a major meltdown round your eyes, here's a younger take on your daily jam. Apply a burst of bright hues for your eyes! It's perfect for the season, plus it would definitely make you catch a lot of loving glances. ;;)

Above is Allue Glam Rock's eye-brightening trio with the perfect blend of sunny yellow, youthful green and clear skies blue.

Swatches of the above palette's shades. What do you think?
At first I thought Allue was just a kid's cosmetics line. I thought it couldn't really offer much "pow!" because I thought it's just a "practice" line; but the palette surprised me because when used with a primer (I used Ellana Minerals Eye Primer), the colors stay vibrant all day!

I'm definitely going back to HBC to check out if they have other sets of eyeshadows. I'm considering purple and mauve hues... hm

Apply the green shade all over your lid.
Follow-up with the blue shade. Use a eye crease brush to precisely place the sparkly blue on your crease. Make sure to apply just the right amount of pop to the point that you see a subtle line of your "blues" when your eyes are open.
Finish off by dotting a little bit of sunshine on your inner eye. Blend it towards the greens and blues of your lids.
San San Thick Lash
If you want to really make the most out of your lashes, especially if you're not gifted with doll-like lash hairs... First apply a lengthening mascara on your lashes. Leave it for a while to dry. Follow off with a lash-thickening mascara.

The lengthening mascara would provide the perfect base for your thickening mascara to hold on to. Volume mascaras usually have tricky formulas that tend to clump so starting off with a lash-lengthener would make it easier for you to avoid such make-up boo-boos.
Make your locks rock!

If you don't want to do something "permanent" and drastic, I would recommend washable hair color such as Allue's washable hair spray!

The Neon Pink is soooo awesome! :)
Be your very own cartoon hero. :)

Aqua's Cartoon Heroes song will always remind me of our UAAP Halftime routine! I miss you college! was donning Posh-spice bob with full bangs before! haha


Please like this post if you spot me on the halftime video! hahaha!


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